Oct 21, 2016

Journey Towards Innerself

My inner journey is taking me to places which are strange and totally unknown. There are challenges and manifestations. The path is sometimes cozy and difficult at other times.

Massive revelations, new horizons, and stellar black holes are being experienced as I advance and cross billions of galaxies. Everything is amazing and unique. My perceptions and beliefs which were drawn since many births are reshaping and leading to the complete overhaul.

The soul is really eternal and witnessing the body around it. I feel finding new definitions for everything I come across and the true calmness is apparent and sustained for longer periods. Since childhood, I heard many times that the sky is the limit, but now I can envision that sky may be only the beginning, real journey is far bigger, better and divine.

Observing and expressing in words all these simultaneously is a difficult task. The journey took me

Oct 5, 2016

समय की पुकार

अब सारे नियम बदल दो
ओ नेतृत्व, ससमय दखल दो।

तीर प्रत्यंचा पे चढ़ा है इस बार
धनुष कर रहा जोरो की टंकार।

वक़्त का तकाजा है
केंद्र में सामर्थ्यवान राजा है। 

सिद्ध करो पुरुषार्थ को
याद करो पार्थ को। 

करते जो विष वमन
जानले वो ऐ वतन। 

धरा के उपकारों का कर्ज
बहुत बढ़ रहा ये मर्ज। 

कुछ तो बड़ा फैसला हो
आर पार का हौसला हो। 

जयचंदो को रोंदने का समय
देश करता है अनुनय। 

सत्य को सम्बल दो
निर्बल को बल दो। 

फड़कती भुजाएँ वीर जवानों की
याद आती है फिर से बलिदानों की। 

हर चुनोती में विजय का वरण हो
गौरवशाली राष्ट्र निर्माण का
सुन्दर सा वातावरण हो
सुन्दर सा वातावरण हो।

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