Dec 17, 2014

काश हम समझ पाते

भीड़ के भावावेश का भाग बनकर
इतराते रहे कि मंजिले पास है
कुछ चेहरे हाँक रहे उस भीड़ को
सब समझते रहे कि हम भी कुछ ख़ास हे .…।
क्या खूब सबने बहते पानी में
हाथ धोये जी भर के
सुविधा से एकत्र हुए देखो
खुश सब मर्जी की करनी कर के .…।
पता चला कि पानी ही अच्छा नहीं है
उस भीड़ में कोई सच्चा नहीं है
पर झूठ अपना कर सच को खो दिया
तमाशा देख ज़माने का , ये दिल रो दीया .…।
अश्कों का मूल्य अब कहाँ होता है
जगते दानव दिन रात, मनुज सोता है
सीधे रास्ते छोड़कर सब उलझनों में पड़ गये
कल के मासूम आज कितना अकड़ गये .…।
दुआ-सलाम का जमाना गुजर गया
बस कोई इधर गया कोई उधर गया
महंगी हुई मुस्कानें, देखो इन चेहरों की
आवाजों का असर नहीं होता, सारी बस्ती बहरों की .…।
- अशोक मादरेचा

Nov 26, 2014

Are We Original ?

Imbalance in life has set so deep in our life that we are completely modified and living in an artificial state of mind. Our originality is lost and we have become totally a different person.

Let's test our originality and ask ourselves some questions :

1. Can we smile in real ?
2. Can we laugh freely ?
3. Do we feel close to our family ?
4. Can we really define our own happiness ?
5. Do we enjoy being with our friends ?
6. Are we afraid of something all the time ?
7. Have art and hobbies completely evaporated from our life ?
8. Feeling fed up ?

Such honest questioning will open our heart and pave way to do really meaningful in life. We are not taking adequate pauses while remaining in the race. This causes our inner system highly stressed and prone to failure. What for we are in the race ? We must ensure that whether it is just for the sake of showing off or it is really needed. We don't have time to read or discuss such things as we are not original now.

There may be varied reasons for loosing originality like attaining prosperity, meeting some accident, bad health, reaching a powerful position, the disloyalty of some closed friend or relative, break up in any relationship and the list goes on.

Most negative part of loosing originality is that those who lost it, they simply don't agree to this and continue to suffer for a prolonged time or forever sometime.

Mute question is how to remain original. There are symptoms we must observe and knowing these would make it easier to remain original.

We must observe and find answers to these questions :

Does our friend visit or contact us less as compared to earlier ?
Do we feel isolated in our society?
Do people respect us from the heart or just for some compulsion ?
If working, Are we sought after or avoided by subordinates ?

Such introspection may bring some real changes if we are honest with ourselves. In fact an original person only can enjoy life and every moment of it. Being original makes us stress free always as we are not pretending anything and close to nature and ultimately more meaning to our life too.

Nov 22, 2014

उम्मीदों का आँगन

वक्त के भाल पर सिलवटें बढ़ने लगी
मंजिल साधने आरजु उमड़ने लगी।
जान लो कि में ना थका नहीँ हारा हूं
आज भी बदस्तुर सिर्फ तुम्हारा हूँ।
तपते रेगिस्तान में फुहार आई
आप क्या आये बहार आयी।
इंतजार तो बहुत हुआ पर गम नहीं
सामने हो आप ये कुछ कम नहीं।
वादा करो हर वक़्त रूबरू रहोगे
हमसे हर गिला शिकवा कहोगे।
रोशन हुआ जहां आपकी नजरो से
क्या खूब निकले हम सब खतरों से।
साकार करेंगे हर एक सपना
आबाद रहे ये सकून अपना।

- अशोक मादरेचा

Nov 17, 2014

Goal Setting Audio in English

Welcome to the 3rd audio in the series of Personality Development Audio in English.
In this audio I describe reasons for not achieving goals. Click play button now to know important points about Pursuing Goals.

Nov 15, 2014

Pursue your goals

Every time when you feel things will move, time will change, just see whether you are pursuing your goals on a sustained basis or waiting for the destiny to change repeatedly. If our expectations are high then efforts too must be more timely and focused.

Never conclude your victory or defeat without putting enough efforts. Time plays it's role but our own initiative makes a difference.

Goals may be anything, study, reaching a particular position, winning heart, become an influential leader, targeting an award, mastering a skill or profession and so on. Higher the goal, higher would be the need for efforts. Sitting pretty in your drawing room and thinking of changing everything with miracles must be avoided. Instead wholehearted persuasions of the goal will lead us to build our own incredible empire we dream upon. One can say, coming out of comfort zone would be the first step to pursue his or her goals. At the beginning, the journey may be very boring but after crossing some milestones it would become interesting more and more.

There are four reasons for not achieving goals

1. Lack of burning desire : there are people who get influenced by changing circumstances for instance, Just after reading newspaper headlines or meeting someone they set their goals and don't know what they wish to achieve. One should live the dream.

2. Setting wrong or unpractical goals : Be practical while setting a goal. Decide short term and long term goals and focus on what can be accomplished early. Unpractical goals will lead us to frustration only.

3. Efforts in wrong direction : even after putting all out effort goals are not within reach then certainly our efforts are in the wrong direction. Rethink your strategy and make suitable changes in your action plan.

4. Lack of resources : most of the time we find people complaining about the resources. We must first assess all three points above then think about all those who achieved their goals and ask ourselves whether we are the only one who are deprived of resources. Proper planning and action in the right direction on a sustained basis will surely lead us to great success.

Let's move and strive for the best.

Nov 6, 2014

Cultivate a hobby

When life seems to be at standstill hobby can be an answer. Most of us have some hobbies but we don't pay much attention to them due to many constraints. Truly speaking hobby is like communicating with one self and if cultivated properly it provides valuable meaning to life.

One can choose a hobby or hobbies as per his or her wishes. We find people enjoying with painting, writing, playing some games, walking, gardening, speaking, advising, counselling, singing, traveling, meditating and so on. When we do something as per our choice, it makes us like talking to ourselves and we start expressing in true senses which bring out stagnancy set in our life. Now we must see one important fact that while choosing hobby ensure that whether it is really communication with oneself or it is just killing our time. For instance watching a television series is not a hobby it can be fun. I feel we should not classify such things in the hobby though one can find these very essential for him.

My point is that hobby should increase your inner pleasure and satisfaction level as you advance in devoting into it. There are many people around the world whose hobby took them to height and they converted it in their profession with great success too. In most of the cases people surrender and compromise with their hobbies and eventually they loose charm in life. Once charm and inspiration lost, it becomes difficult to come out of negativity which haunts on a sustained basis and this makes us compelled to think about our hobbies which enables us to talk with our own soul really.

Nov 2, 2014

Personality Development Audio in Hindi - Money

Welcome to the 2nd audio in the series of Personality Development Audio in Hindi.

In this audio I describe how to manage wealth. Click play button now to know important points about money (पैसा).

Oct 15, 2014

पैसा (Money)

पैसा अथवा धन इंसान के द्वारा बनाई हुई वस्तुओं में शायद सबसे ज्यादा चर्चित विषय हे। आइये इस पैसे के बारे में कुछ रोचक बिन्दुओं को समझे।

1. पैसा हो और नहीं हो, दोनों ही अवस्था में व्यक्ति को व्यस्त कर देता हे। होने की अवस्था में धन को सँभालने में और नहीं हो तो उसे कमाने की भागदौड़ में जीवन का अधिकांश समय चला जाता हे।

2. पैसे से यदि जेब भरी हो तो आत्मविश्वास में वृद्धि होना आम बात हे परन्तु यदि पैसा पास नहीं हो तो चेहरे की चमक लुप्त हो जाती हे।

3. यदि पैसा ज्यादा हो जाये तो उस पैसे से और ज्यादा पैसा बनाने की लालसा बढ़ जाती हे और उस पैसे का उपयोग कैसे किया जाय इस बिंदु से ध्यान बिलकुल हट जाता हे।

4. पैसे में न जाने कैसी चुम्बकीय शक्ति होती हे कि इसके कारण सगे सम्बन्धी, मित्र आदि स्वतः अपनापन दिखाते हे।

5. पैसा सब कुछ तो नहीं पर बहुत कुछ खरीद सकता हे। इस दृष्टी से यह संसार को चलायमान बनाये रखता हे।

6. सुख के लिए दौलत पाने की हौड में दौलत तो कइयों को मिली हे परन्तु दौलत से सचमुच सुख कितनो को मिल सका इस पर खोज जारी हे।

7. धन जब हाथ में हो तभी अपना होता हे । सिर्फ आने की सम्भावना उसे अपना नहीं बना देती। कई लोगो ने सिर्फ धन के आने की संभावनाओं पर बड़े सौदे किये और कुछ ने कमाया भी होगा परन्तु उसमे से अधिकांश लोग अपना सारा भविष्य दांव पर लगा बैठे।

8. यह पैसा पड़ा पड़ा नष्ट हो जाता हे। महंगाई से इसकी सही कीमत घट जाती हे या समय के घटनाक्रम इसको सही सँभालने वाले के पास पहुंचा देते हे।

9. पैसा यदि मेहनत और अच्छी नियत से कमाया हे तो व्यक्ति में उस पैसे की कीमत की अच्छी समझ होती हे अन्यथा अहंकार स्पष्ट रूप से दिखाई देने लगता हे।

10. उपभोग ओर दान ये दो महत्वपूर्ण उपयोग पैसे के होते हे । यदि इन दोनों में से कुछ भी नहीं किया तो समझ लो कि वो पैसा कमाने वाले के काम नहीं आने वाला।

11. यदि पैसे का ज्यादा प्रदर्शन किया तो गवर्नमेंट यानि सरकार या गुंडे कोई तो पीछे पड़ने ही वाले हे।

12. पैसे यानि धन के कई स्वरुप होते हे जैसे मुद्रा, सोना, चांदी, मकान, बंगले कार, शेयर, कल कारखाने, बाग बगीचे, जमीन आदि। सभी स्वरूपों में पैसे की सतत सुरक्षा बहुत बड़ी चिन्ता बन जाती हे।

13. किसको कितना पैसा चाहिए यह व्यक्तिगत प्रश्न हे परन्तु किस समय कितना न्यूनतम पैसा जरुरी हे इसका विचार तो सभी को समय पर करना चाहिए।

14. पैसे की बुनियाद पर बने रिश्ते कमजोर होते हे फिर भी इससे पैसा कमजोर नहीं हो जाता, जहाँ पैसे का काम हो वहाँ पैसा ही चाहिये।

15. बहुत बड़ा आश्चर्य का विषय हे कि पैसा कमाने में बहुत लोग महारथी होते है पर उसे कब, किसपे, कैसे खर्च करे , इसमे बहुत गहन प्रशिक्षण की आवश्यकता है।

16. पैसा अपने आप में न बुरा होता हे न अच्छा ये तो हर व्यक्ति का दृष्टिकोण और उसे पाने एवं उपयोग के तरीको पर निर्भर करता हे कि पैसा उसकी दुनियां को आसान बनायें या वही पैसा उसकी मुश्किलों का सबसे बड़ा कारण बन जाये। संतुलित नजरिया ही इंसान के जीवन में आनंद ला सकता हे।

Oct 6, 2014

Religion or Rituals

Have a look at history, we can notice, one of the most prominent reason for massive violence world over is wrong interpretation of religion while the basic purpose for all religion is peace and liberation. Why so much contradiction ? What can be the reason ? Very simple, most of us follow rituals and not the religion in its true sense. Accomplishing a ritual is far different then following true spirit of a religion. This is the point where we start differing with other religious followers and eventually it leads to hate and sometime big wars too. This situation is like a camera which captures beautiful images but having no feature of viewing these images and still the owner feels proud of it. Going and attending particular prayer or any other ritual may add to our religious profile but simultaneously denying others right and faith will lead to unrest only.

Important part of any achievement are "work and efforts" then why religious rituals comes on front in our life and there we as an human being have to remain very vigilant and see whether it is really religion or mere ritual. Sometime rituals and religions, both these words are used as interchangeable which makes the situation more complex and confusing and it haunts our outer and inner progress considerably. As an individual too , many time one starts mere following ritual and after passage of sometime if the results are not as per expectations, one may doubt the very religion itself which he never understood so far. Moreover rituals too are defined or evolved as per convenience of situation, location, or as per wishes of some individuals who are good orators but not actual religious one, then one has to be very rational in deciding the truth and adopting it in his or her life.....

Sep 28, 2014

Me and We of Relationship

Relationship in life is common but but its longevity is little uncommon. We have so many relationships like husband and wife, man and women, brother and sister, son and father, mother and daughter, sister and sister, brother and brother, pupil and teacher and the list goes on. We build our relationship either by birth, by our contacts or may be due to some other reasons.

Most of us would agree on this truth that a good relationship makes a person happy and a strained relationship causes tension in life. This truth emphasizes the need to understand why a relationship breaks or get strained.

You would be surprised in many cases of couples coming to me for consulting before buying a house their first sentence was like " Sir We wish to buy a good house and plan accordingly, please suggest us. This We and Us are very nice words to bond them and this leads them to success in planning a good house too. let us go further, after some time many of these couples are now changing from this We and Us to Me and mine like words which are the root of serious damage to any kind of relationship. Later on I hear such words from them Sir, its me who bought the house and the other one says its me who manages the home now point here is that We is lost and Me has taken place of We. If anyone in a relationship changes priority which has bearing on others then be careful and see whether we are on verge of adopting this Me instead of We. Please count how many time you are using words like Me, Mine, and compare this count again after some days and see are you readying for a break up ? If you are sure that use of such words are higher then cautiously shift to We and Ours. This will make lot of difference. Journey of life would demand some changes in attitude and everyone should take note of this. behaving like I am always right is a myth and we should try to break this and not these precious relationships which are bestowed upon us. 

Sep 23, 2014


ख़ुशी की खोज बाहर करना
फिर पुरानी गलती दोहराना
सुख शांति के दो पल पाने की
अभिलाषा बस कुछ कर जाने की
कोशिश करना व्यर्थ नहीं होता
प्रयत्नों से कौन समर्थ नहीं होता
ले नहीं पाते जिंदगी उतना देती हे
ज़माने का दोष नहीं, कर्मो की खेती हे
कई बार साफ़ दिखता भी हे
पर समझ कम पड़ जाती हे
दिग्भ्रमित से मंजिलो की तलाश में
कुछ मिलेगा हर वक़्त इसी आस में
स्वयं की व्यवस्था में लगे दिन रात
झूठ के सहारे करते रहे हर बात।
जब सच्चाई सामने प्रकट होगी
स्थिति स्वयं बड़ी विकट होगी
दर्पण से सामना नहीं कर पाओगे
अपना चेहरा खुद ही छुपाओगे
समय को कौन रोक पाता हे
ये तो बस बीतता जाता हे
ये तो बस बीतता जाता हे.…।

Sep 8, 2014

घर और इंसान

हमने ठिकाने बना लिए और
उनको मकानों का दर्जा भी दिया
काश घर बनाये होते
बेशक इतना कर्जा भी लिया।
हर दीवार चमकीली हे
सजा दिया बहुत सुन्दर तरीके से
गरूर का सामान बना दिया
क्या सकून भी लाये कुछ सलीके से।
सब सामान की जगह बना दी
हर कोने को भर दिया
आ जाते बूढ़े माँ बाप साथ रहने को
लगता कुछ तो अच्छा कर दिया।
हम आग से खेलते हे
पानी में बहते हुए
जिंदगी गुजार लेते हे
अजनबी से रहते हुए।
दौरे खुदगर्जी के तूफान में
इल्म रास नहीं आएगा
चलते रहना , गिरना मत
वर्ना कोई पास नहीं आएगा।
मकान तो बहुत हे कहने को
घर कहाँ मिलते हे
शरीर बहुत हे चलते फिरते
पर साथ चलने को इंसान कहाँ मिलते हे ।

Sep 1, 2014

Mind or Dustbean ?

It is quite important that we remain constantly aware of how we use our mind ? Just an information collector, dumping ground of so many unwanted scattered pieces of information and making it a scrapyard ? We must justify, if something is available and adding some type of excitement we immediately start storing data as if we are programmed accordingly and eventually our brain hangs sometime. One may argue well by stating that mind is not developed if not used fully. On the same line we can say there should always be some space to play and develop. Amazingly our educational system too bombards with so many old data which are sometime totally useless and I would say it is severe damage to our mental health. So what to do ? Can we change the entire world ? Yes but I would like to correct myself , we can change our own world entirely. Just calm down and think upon what information and type of data you are really required in your carrier, family, society or the circle you are in. What interest and hobbies you posses? I am sure you are getting me. Suppose a person working in a factory, having only interest in cricket , why we should expect from him that he should also know who were the stars of Titanic but our system and society today likes those who are full of unrelated information. To live healthy and for balanced mental health one should be vigilant enough to see whether others are programming us or we are justified in storing so much information.

The problem of over storing unrelated data in our brain is more serious in case of highly educated people. The more we develop our brain, more intellectual level we reach and creates thrust of more data and information to process but at this point of time the main question to be asked is, What information should be allowed and processed through our brain ? just try, many of us will laugh at ourselves and find how much clutter we do precess through our mind and possess too for long ...... Why ?

Aug 22, 2014

Status or Stress ?

Journey of life comprises of so many achievements, wealth, respect, recognition, image, brand, skill, and so on. Collectively all this makes a person different and it creates status . As a human being we try to keep it up and up. We should ask ourselves at what level we are comfortable with this status or I would say it so called status in other way. The reality of life is that if we under unknown pressure try to keep on maintaining this status, it creates stress, so ideally it should be spontaneous and not an obligation on constant basis just to show off and impress others by engaging our positive energy.
Other side effects of  "So called Status" which I personally observed are:

1) Jump in level of attitude instead of gratitude
2) Lesser communication with friends and close relatives
3) Feeling loneliness even after crossing many milestones in life
4) absence of humour and increase of monotony
5) Constant irritation with self or others
6) Living artificial life
7) Chasing unwanted objects for more status
8) Developing health hazards

The list above is just illustrative, you can add more and more points at your end. Point to be noted is that achieving something in life is not wrong in itself  what we miss is we put ourselves in chasing something which is not that much required primarily though it may be necessary . We must draw a line in between the both to make life more easy, balanced,simple, and enjoyable.

Aug 2, 2014

तनाव ( Stress )

तनाव का सबसे ज्यादा असर हमारे शरीर में दो जगहों पर होता हे, एक मस्तिष्क और दूसरा हर्दय। जब यह नाड़ी संस्थान ( nerve system ) को ज्यादा प्रभावित करता हे तो मधुमेह नाम की बिमारी के रूप में प्रकट होती हे और यदि ये तनाव हर्दय की तरफ बढ़ता हे तो हर्दय घात ( heart attack ) का कारण बन जाता हे। इसीलिए आजकल ये दोनों बीमारियाँ बड़े पेमाने पर सामने आ रही हे। अब प्रश्न यह हे कि तनाव क्यों उत्पन्न होता हे ? सरल शब्दों में कहूँ तो अति व्यस्तता ( over scheduling ) ही इन दो बिमारियों का मूल हे जिसे हम सभी को अच्छी तरह से समझने की आवश्यकता हे। हमें कितने की जरुरत हे और कितना चाहते हे इन दोनों का अंतर समझ कर अपनी अपनी मर्यादा का निश्चय समय रहते कर लेना चाहिए ।....

Jul 29, 2014

सरहदों के मजबूर परिंदे

जिन्हें मार दिया बेरहमी से आपने
वो परिंदे तो पानी की तलाश में थे।
सरहदों को नहीं समझते वो तो
प्यास बुझाने की आस में थे।
इंसानों ने बाटा जमीं आसमान को
वो तो उड़ते भी पास पास में थे।
गिरे तुम्हारी गोलीयों से जमीं पर
कितने सवाल उनकी साँस में थे।
यूँ मौत का सामान बनेगा इन्सान
मंजर ये निशां हर एक लाश में थे।
जिन्हें मार दिया बेरहमी से आपने
वो परिंदे तो पानी की तलाश में थे......।

……… अशोक मादरेचा

Jul 25, 2014

Express Completely

Life provides us opportunities to express ourselves on varied fronts, be it social, academic, carrier wise, public forums or at personal level. Many of us not even recognise these opportunities and defer our decision to work on that and this all leads us to live without effectiveness. We as human being are most intellectual creature of the nature but our intelligence if not used properly can work against our own. 

Some questions we may ask to ourselves :

What debars us expressing completely in our deeds ?
Why hesitation takes prime place while working?
Why we do not create a sound image of ourselves?
Do we perform half heartedly?
Are we really interested in what we are doing ?
Do the outcome inspire us to  work towards it?
Is it a person , location or situation compelling to work ?
Are we so much compelled that we can not make the change we imagined ?

If we can find honest answers of all these questions from ourselves , a kind of clarity we can have towards the life we really wish to live.
whatever we do, barring very few exception of diplomacy , express yourself completely to the extent you can and it will culminate into a big success even you did not sought sometime. half way expressing brings monotony in life , be it job, carrier, education, society or even loving someone.

Jul 20, 2014

Crowd puller or crowd follower

Why we live our life unsatisfied most of the time. If observed carefully, you will notice that we are either crowd follower or crowd puller. In both situation we remain part of crowd and try to justify ourselves that this is right and this is wrong. Crowd in its own has no brain still it behaves but unpredictably. What if a person too starts behaving in manner like crowd ? Peace would go away and fun of life too. He would always think what others would think if I do this or not do. Is this right way of doing or not according to crowd around him ?

How to remain part of crowd but behave independently and prudentially is what one should seek.Generally leaders are crowd pullers and public is followers but balancing life demands enough maturity to achieve independence constantly.

Let's go further .. Since our childhood we are moulded to think always in default mode like what is hot and cold, love and hate, up and down, good and bad, elder or younger, big or small, black or white, yes or no and it goes on.. This is what I would say crowd mentality . there are number of opposite combinations but you can't predict what odd combination would be picked up by the crowd. So we have to be independent to think and act accordingly then only we can say our journey towards balancing life is going on.

Jul 4, 2014

आलंबन (Dependence)

असुरक्षा की भावनाओ से ओत प्रोत हम हर वक्त आलंबन की तलाश करते रहते हें। क्यों स्वयं की क्षमता पर हम भरोसा नहीं करते ? हमेशा हम जाने अनजाने किसी ओर के सहारे से सब ठीक होगा ऐसा क्यों सोचने लग जाते हे ?
अन्दर का डर या आलसीपन या फिर सब यही कर रहे हे इसलिए मुझे भी ऐसा करना चाहिए। यदि हम विश्लेषण करे तो आश्चर्य होगा की कमोबेश हर व्यक्ति किसी अन्य व्यक्ति, स्थान या परिस्तिथि विशेष पर आश्रित सी जिंदगी जीता हे। यदि इसे अव्यक्त गुलामी भी कहा जाय तो कोई अतिशयोक्ति नहीं होगी। दूर द्रष्टी का नहीं होना इसका एक लक्षण अथवा कारण दोनों हो सकते हे।
हमारा स्वभाव स्वतंत्र हे परन्तु हम उसके सही स्वरुप को पुरी तरह नहीं पहचानते। जरा सा हिचकोला हमारे विश्वास को जड़ तक हिला देता हे।
ऐसा क्यों होता हे ? जन्म से अब तक हम सभी का परिवेश ही एसा हे कि हम सोचते भी उसी अनुरूप हे जेसे सब कुछ बाहर से ही संचालित होता हे भीतर की यात्रा के लिए तनिक भी तैयार नहीं हे।
सामान्य से सामान्य विषयों में हम धर्म, बाहरी शक्तियों ,कोई व्यक्ति विशेष, अथवा अन्य प्रतिको से अपेक्षा रखते हुए अपने निजी कार्यो का संपादन करा लेने की अपेक्षा रखते हे ओर अपेक्षित परिणाम नहीं मिलने पर इन माध्यमो को जाने अनजाने कोसने लग जाते हे और अपने प्रयत्नों पर जोर देना लगभग छोड़ देते हे।
हर वक़्त अवलंबन (Dependence) की मनोस्थिति के कारण जीवन को हम अच्छे से जी नहीं पाते।  उदाहरण के लिए उत्सव आनंद देने के बजाय तनाव देते हे। स्वतंत्रता की पहचान आनंद में व्यक्त हो तो ही हम कह सकते हे कि हमारे प्रयत्न सही दिशा में हे।

Jun 20, 2014

प्रकृति और अहसास (Nature and Feelings)

 एक अनोखी आभा सी
जब हर्दय ने महसूस की भीतर से
रश्मियों के पुंज का प्रकाश
फैला सब दिशाओं में
छट गया युगों का अँधेरा
बस कुछ ही पलों में
नव चैतन्य और श्रंगार से
सुसज्जित हुआ आकाश
चाँद भी लज्जित हुआ
सौंदर्य के प्रतिबोध से
सितारे अठखेलियां करने लगे नभ में
ओस की शीतलता ठहर गयी
कोपलों पे आकर तो
ह्रदय को नृत्य करते देखा पहली बार
नयनों से अमृत बरसने लगा बरबस ही
साक्षात सूर्य की लालिमा को आते हुए
और भोर को अंगड़ाई लेते देखा
प्रकृति की विराटता का आनंद बोध कहूँ इसे
या सचमुच का ईश दर्शन
पुलकित हो गए रोम रोम
पर  समकित होना बाकी है
मालूम नहीं , शायद यही शुरुआत हो ……....

Jun 4, 2014

प्यार का संदेश (Message of Love )

हर रंग की चमक में बसते हो
कोई से भी गम में हँसते हो।
ये दिलेरी हे या अदाकारी
प्रेरित हो या , खुद की समझदारी।
बख़ूबी सब कुछ छुपाते हो
बस सिर्फ मुस्कराते हो।
मासूम चेहरा, इरादों से बुलंद हो
बोलते कम , बड़े स्वछंद हो।
हर पल ख्याल तेरा ही क्यों आता हे
क्या नाम दू इसे , जाने कौनसा नाता हे।
गीतों के गुंजन से भरा तेरे लबो का अहसास
समझ भी लेते मन की बात , तुम काश।
अब दूर नहीं रहना हे
मुझे कुछ कहना हे।
ये पैगाम पढ़कर रुक मत जाना
देर हुई पहले ही , अब मत सताना।
 ये हे प्यार का फ़साना , अब क्या जताना
मेरे मीत जल्दी आना , बस जल्दी आना।
------------ Ashok Madrecha

May 28, 2014

मंजिल (Destination)

असीम संभावनाओं को तलाशती
निगाहे निहारती खोजती
दिन रात मंजिल को.…।
बेसबब सी इस तलाश में
होती रही पीड़ा चाहे
कितनी ही दिल को …।
आखिर लगे हमें भी
कुछ तो ठानी है कि
सफर ये कटे अकेला
या कोई साथ रहे
बस हमें तो चलना हे
यूँ भी रुकने का अंजाम
यहाँ कुछ अच्छा नहीं होता
तो जरा साथ चल कर तो देखो
शायद मंजिल मुस्कराती
सामने आ मिले
और मिटे सारे गिले
अब ज्यादा सोचो मत
बस कूच करो
इन रास्तों पे आगे बढ़ने में
वक्त जाया न करो …।

May 22, 2014

You Knew It ... Still...


1. We can not make everyone happy at a time :To become decisive,we must accept the fact that everyone wont be happy by your actions and we should be ready for that. Your boss may be happy but your subordinates may not, your parents would be happy but spouse may not .

2. Changes are inevitable : to lead a balanced life we should be well aware of that everything changes except the change itself.  I agree , you have read it many times , you know it but while behaving with one or more we forget it and put ourselves in trouble repeatedly. We take something so seriously as if without it sky would fall and our actions start finding wrong directions.

3. Be pragmatic, not dogmatic. : world over most of the successful people's history shows that they were pragmatic and this led them to more acceptance and thereby more success too. Here one should differentiate flexibility and compromise well as per time and situation. Being practical in our approach is very useful in business too.

4. More we are selfish, more unhappiness. :simple rule to happiness is to remain selfless and unattached as much possible as we can. Tonnes of research paper one may find on attaining happiness, I would like to summarize and state that living for self only is not life one should always strive to be good and useful to others too and this will first big step to happiness.  

5. Understand well what governs our life , money, name or something else : if we can understand what really we need at particular stage of life then our efforts would not make us tired early. I would like to mention here that it is better to allow qualities to govern your life instead of a particular person.

6. Measure your freedom from time to time : everyone likes freedom. may be it is financial, social or else. As life advances we should have clarity about it. are we serious about it or just passing time. freedom itself is a big source of happiness.

7. Relate every decision with the time factor: deciding something requires input of time factor. Every decision has to be taken after considering time factor. for example, Mr. John is curious about investing in good home at his native place which is very far from his working place. He thinks he would be staying there for 10 days in a year. This decision should be taken in light of the time factor. What is the age of Mr. John, How healthy he is to commute ?
whether he would be able to maintain the house without going there. This is mere an example to take right decision.

8. If health is wealth then why one should ignore it: commonly it is said that health is wealth but in our routine life we
commonly ignore it too. Paying attention and sparing adequate time for health is must and there is no other option to this. adequate exercise, meditation, proper diet pattern has to be followed religiously.

9. Relationship is not just planting a tree , it requires water regularly: all relations are like plants and these requires water at regular intervals. Mostly we find that initially lot of enthusiasm is shown in any new relationship and after sometime maintaining it takes back seat resulting into break ups. Wise   people understands it and keep their relationship live and vibrant.

10. Confusion creates cowards so be sure about yourself: in my seminar, many time I find people are suffering just because they are confused.I suggest here we should always break questions and try to resolve them. Our approach of getting all answers at a time makes confusion more strong. a separate write up on confusion is written on this blog in article section.

11. Destiny , religion may be good to understand but taking efforts in right direction is must to achieve something: considerable part of time is spent on discussing what is destiny , where is god, What is religion etc. I would put it this way being spiritual is good but different than what is discussed academically. As an individual our thought process and actions should be focused on what is to be achieved specifically.

12. Accept good and bad both: We are happy if we are comfortable. This is human nature that we accept goodness, comfort, love, favor, service, different kind of gadgets but we don't like discomforts , orders, hate, etc. Point here is that everything carries good and bad elements both. If a person loves someone and hates his or her voice , can this work for long ? We have to accept bad and good both simultaneously more particularly in relationship.

13. If you don't have good relation with your neighbors, relatives, friends, family members simultaneously then introspect in deep: If you are facing such situation then something is wrong within you and it requires introspection. Just have a second thought about yourself and see what can be changed at your end first.

14. Never say anyone that you are wrong instead make them feel they are wrong if required. But this should not be the aim of life as it consumes lot of energy. Giving space is better than proving someone wrong.

15. Respect and love can not be attained by demanding : it is funny when we come across people seeking respect and love just by demanding. These people are desperate and feel like this is their right and all this leads them to no where.  life is an art of living where love blossoms and respect too showers on deserving and this can not be attained by demanding.

16. Take small steps first before you leap: any mission or goal can be accomplished on sound footing and for that one need to take small steps first. Any plan, team, resources and networking etc. requires grip on minute details hence taking leap is always advised after some small crucial steps.

17. Develop niche in some areas of your choice to make yourself valuable: Many people come with complaints of being not valued, not paid adequately in their job or else. I simply ask them do they update their knowledge  ? Do they have niche in some area where they can become unique or outstanding? if not then strive for this and these complaints will go away.  

18. Peace is the answer not the enmity: never say anybody enemy. Hostility destroys peace and without peace progress can not be achieved. Even due to some event or otherwise somebody is hostile try to overcome such hostility. Some liberal postures and actions can change whole life. I know well many diplomats would not agree to me.

19. Be Simple : living in your true being is relaxing so be simple. Complex life is very stressful. Even if you are wealthy, top achiever in any field , be polite , smiling .... may be you are a great leader of near future !  
20. Even after following all the above if you feel things are not as per your expectation , take pause, relax, life teaches you for better role and of course time too changes so don't worry at all, have courage .

Life may seems to be  battles
there are roses and patels
both are there cold and heat
heart is soft keep clean and neat
you may be fathers or mothers too
be happy and keep happy others too..

This article is written after deep study on many cases from different perspective. I wish every word of this write up will be useful not only to an individual but to organizations, societies, or even countries too. I personally dedicate this write up to entire humanity and those counselors who are putting serious efforts to bring happiness in others life selflessly. I appeal all my readers to share this article for spreading knowledge about living life in harmony .... thanks.. 
                                                                                   Ashok Madrecha 

May 4, 2014

सत्य (Truth)

कितने पड़ाव पार कर इस यात्रा मे
क्यू आज फ़िर से अकेले खड़े …।
शायद बहुत कमाई धन दौलत
और नाम से भी हो गये बड़े …।
तलाशती आँखे अपनों को जो
इस दौड़ मे कब के बिछुड़े… ।
रिश्तों के पौधों को पानी ना पिलाया
पत्ते सूखे , डाली सूखी , सूख गइ झड़े…।
झूठी दीवारों को घर का नाम दिया
और आपाधापी मे , सबसे रिश्ते बिग़डे …।
अहंकार ने बदल दी , सारी परिभाषाएं
आकंठ दुखी होकर भी इतना अड़े …।
करुणा और मैत्री के रंग दिखते नहीं
हे मनुज तुम किस चक्कर मे पड़े …।
उलझने बढ़ती गई जीवन की राह मे
कहो मित्र ! तुम बड़े या तुम्हारे सपने बड़े …।
किस पर विजय पताका फ़हरानी हे जो
तुम हर पल , हर दम सबसे लड़े ……।
__________    अशोक मादरेचा
 This poem is true feeling of a person for his close friend who has created lot of wealth but lost all his balance of life and now he is out of reach for him.

Apr 24, 2014

Arrangements to enjoyment

From our childhood to old age we are constantly arranging something or another with an objective to make life more comfortable or enjoyable.Irony of this situation is that in the process of arrangement we lose our balance in life and the stage of enjoyment is always postponed repeatedly rendering us to live in humiliating and uncertain situation for prolonged time.
Initially everybody tries to be secure and earning is essential part of journey for creation of wealth but at certain stage many people whose living hood is secured get crazy for respect and recognition which they wish to buy but respect can not be bought and this lead them to follow unfair means. They spend money and time too to attain respect of the society but instead of respect they create some sort of commercial brand value which again may be useful for their business but recognition of hearts requires giving something without any expectation and very few person can dare to this. Most people having such hunger for recognition try every way to get noticed which in reality is sheer falsehood.funny part of this process is that more they are     
noticed more they are found to be running after it. On one hand they feel proud,on other hand they become slave of either some individual, thing, or some specific situation which essentially changes with passage of time not necessarily up to or with their expectations. The journey of arranging recognition originally sounded well suddenly puts them to no where and such people starts feeling vacuum and fair amount of distraction. Stunning fact of this aspect of life is more true about most learned, educated and people who are well to do. Such people always look after real friends but rarely it happens as they are sitting on heap of ego which prevents them to come down and share their real inner self with any one. These people then feel stuck up in
one way traffic with only option to move ahead with same mistake of only arranging and not managing.People known to them have mercy on them but they are even unable to feel all this. So what can be the lesson ? Can't we say while arranging, We should also keep managing and enjoy life bestowed upon us.
Ashok Madrecha

Apr 15, 2014

हृदय से संवाद (Communication of the Heart)

आकाश और जमीन मिलते नहीं फिर भी क्षितिज के अस्तित्व को माना जाता है।  दिल की अतुल गहराईयों में होती अविराम हलचल भला किसको बेचैन नहीं करती , परन्तु यह सब सत्य का अहसास देता हे। मंजिल का मिलना तो शायद सबको ख़ुशी देता होगा , इन्तजार में भी खुश होना सीखना चाहिए।  समाधान सभी को नसीब नहीं होता है , यहाँ तो बस चलना होता हे , अविराम , निरंतर …।


इंसान की विडम्बनाएं उसे सोचने की सही शक्ति नहीं दे पाती और वो कुछ भी पाने की कामनाये करता है।  दुखी होता है , जलता हे और यदि वह कुछ पाकर भी अचानक ऐसा लगने लगता हे जैसे यह सब तो उसने चाह कर गलती कर दी , समय नष्ट किया। बस यही पर समझने की जरुरत हे की हमारे लक्ष्य कही लघु तो नहीं ? नहीं तो अपनी ऊर्जा का व्यर्थ होना निश्चित हे और अपने अस्तित्व की सार्थकता प्राप्त होना तो दूर उसे महसूस करना भी मुश्किल हो जायेगा।
 ---- अशोक मादरेचा
All these are thoughts and communication with oneself to explore and set balance in our life.....

Apr 8, 2014

Short Story on Gratitude (कृतज्ञता )

Human being is always in mode of expecting something and this compels one to know everything about gratitude and its importance in achieving balance in life.
Let us go through a short story of three friends. There were three friends knowing each other since long time. Name of the friends are Mr. Confused, second Mr. Sure and third Mr. Rich. Interestingly while Mr. Confused was good at study, innovative and hardworking too, Mr. Sure was good at study, practical and highly trustworthy person in the eyes of people in their circle and Mr. Rich was business minded, simple, calculative and a wealthy person.

Mr. Confused though hardworking could not succeed in his carrier. Mr. Sure was successful in his carrier and also had high regard among his friends, client and society as well. Mr. Rich was quiet successful in building wealth but due to his over occupied scheduled life, he was not having much circle of friends etc.

After many year of struggling Mr. Confused who was hardworking succeed in developing some technology which was to be used in the field of biotechnology industry and with this he started giving presentation to different person in the field for some tie-up or professional income. After long time of efforts, nothing was materialised and one fine day Mr. Confused told this to his friend Mr. Sure and asked if he can do something for him. Mr. Sure studied and asked Mr. Confused, see though your technique may be good and new, it has to be tested so I will ask someone to invest in a pilot project and see what can be achieved and if at all there is a profit, you may distribute among you and the investor. Mr. Confused asked to keep some share but Mr. Sure being liberal told as your need is acute at present so you carry on with your profits if any.

Mr. Sure called his friend Mr. Rich and briefed about the project of Mr. Confused. After deliberating on it Mr. Rich told Mr. Sure, see as such I have enough wealth but on your words I can put some money and see how the equation works without any risk on part of Mr. Sure.

So Mr. Sure arranged all meetings to finalise the deal and the pilot project started working. After a period of 12 months all the accounts were drawn, finalised and there was a good amount of profit too.

All three friends assembled and in presence of Mr. Sure, both Mr. Confused and Mr. Rich distributed the whole profit and they were looking happy while taking the money at their home.

Now I ask what would be the state of mind of Mr. Sure while both his friends were distributing the profit. Though he already declined sharing of profit earlier can a human being would not think like……. Had I decided to share the profit I would have been in a better position now.

After some time Mr. Confused called Mr. Rich to invest more and Mr. Rich in turn called Mr. Sure about this and told again I can invest more on the project but only on you words.

Now crux of the story comes. Will Mr. Sure pay attention to these calls from Mr. Rich or Mr. Confused? Naturally he replied to Mr. Rich this is you to decide about further investment, I am not sure about it. Consequently Mr. Rich came out of the venture and Mr. Confused became really confused and thought... Even after profit things did not turn to his side.

Friend, here comes the real importance of gratitude. In the above story both Mr. Rich and Mr. Confused never expressed their gratitude of Mr. Sure who was the key to the whole deal. They simply took their part of money and thus never realised that all happed because of the very role Mr. Sure played for both of them. Mr. Sure was liberal while declining share of profit but Mr. Confused and Mr. Rich jointly could share something voluntarily and offer a respect to Mr. Sure but lack of gratitude led them to breakup of the whole deal where the profit in future could be much more.
Every time we ask for favour, but we forget to thank. Thanks may be given by words or in kind like proper gifts at proper time and so on. One should not be thankless to anybody who has helped or supported to him and if we follow this we can say yes this is gratitude, not attitude.
----- Ashok Madrecha 

Mar 30, 2014

Personality Development Audio in Hindi

पिछले २५ वर्षो के अपने व्यवसायिक अनुभव के दौरान मैंने यह पाया कि व्यक्तित्व  विकास में चार मुख्य बाधक तत्व हे जिन्हे मैंने अपने शब्दो में माध्यम से आप तक पहुँचाने का प्रयास किया है।  यदि आपको यह ऑडियो पसंद आये तो अपने विचार मुझे जरुर प्रेषित करे।
सप्रेम  धन्यवाद।
अशोक कुमार मादरेचा
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Mar 27, 2014

शेर शायरिया

शेर शायरियाँ 

नजरे मिला कर भी छुपा लेते हो अक्श को
क्या ये गफलत हे या शरारत आपकी।
कहते नहीं कुछ भी शायद मौन अजीज हे
शिकवा तो नहीं करते पर ये सजा ज्यादा हे।
मेरी इन्तहा मत लो सहने को घाव काफी हे
छोड़ दो मेरे हाल पे, जान लो कि में भी बेसब्र हु।
मंजिल कुछ भी हो साथ चलने को साथी हो बस
सफ़र आसां होगा गर आप यु रूठो नहीं।
गलत भी समझो मुझे तो ये भी नसीब हे मेरा
कह तो सकेंगे , मेरे हमदम ने कहा ऐसा।
पैगाम उन्हें ना मिला पर हलचल तो हे
मालूम नहीं कौनसा गुल खिलने वाला हे।
खयालों के तूफां को बहुत झेला अकेले ही
दो पल ही सही कुछ तो बोलो मुस्करा कर।
वीराने में औस गिरी , पर अंगारो पर
चाँद को नहीं मालूम क्या गुजरी बहारो पर।
_______  अशोक मादरेचा

Mar 24, 2014

संकल्प ( Determination )


साधना के सोपान
जब दृष्टी के सामने हो
मन निर्मल और इरादे मजबूत हो
तो मंजिल क्यों नहीं मिलेगी
जरा गहराई में उतर कर तो देखो
लक्ष्य सामने रख कर तो देखो।
कष्ट भला किसे नहीं होता
राहे कौनसी निष्कंटक होती हे
सब बहाने हे मन को समझाने के।
सत्य से दूर भाग कर
कुछ क्षणों की राहत , आखिर
कब तक चलेगा ये सब कुछ।
चले आओ धरातल पर
यथार्त से जुड़ कर करो कूच आगे की
भुला दो इतिहास को
जीना तो सीखो वर्त्तमान में
जो हर पल चुकता जा रहा हे।
निकाल दो सभी संशय अपने मन से
अंतरिक्ष नापने का संकल्प लो
स्वयं की हस्ती को कुछ तो महसूस करो
प्रत्यक्ष परिणाम सामने आयेंगे
बस कुछ करने की जिद हो जिंदगी मे।

______     अशोक मादरेचा

Mar 18, 2014

शब्द ( words )

शब्द अंतर में आकार लेते हे
शब्द सब कुछ कह देते हे।
इन शब्दों का संसार निराला हे
कुछ धोला तो कुछ काला हे।
ये शब्द कभी लड़ा देते हे
कभी प्यार बढ़ा देते हे।
उलजने उलजती शब्दों से
उलजने सुलजति भी शब्दों से।
विकल हर्दय को बल देते
कभी असक्त बना देते हे।
हर भाव को शब्द अभिव्यक्त करते
कभी ये दूर कभी आसक्त करते।
यु तो ये जुबान से निकलते हे
होते असमर्थ तो आँखों से भी टपकते हे।
शब्दों का सामर्थ्य अनंत होता हे
इनके साथ कोई हँसता कोई रोता हे।
शब्दों के साधक नायक बन जाते हे
इनसे अनजान खलनायक बन जाते हे।
भाषाओ का संसार शब्दों से चलता हे
तडपते कवि बिरहन का जैसे मन मचलता हे।
प्यार भरे शब्दों से सब पास आ जाते हे
सचमुच, सटीक शब्दों से सब काम बन जाते हे।
---  अशोक मादरेचा

Mar 16, 2014

Keep Your Relevance

Keep Your Relevance

Mr. Albert is working in a company as an office administrator since last 20 years. he is happy about his salary and perks but since last 5 years  he feels like he is ignored by fellow members of staff and sometime by the management too. What can be the reason ?
Mrs. Kelvin  is mother of two child. She was very happy till both the child grew up to the age of 15. Now she feels that she is lacking somewhere and in the family she is having less weight-age as it was existing earlier. What can be the reason?
Both the above  instances mentioned here may be mere examples but this is hard truth that over aperiod of time we loose relevance in our very role , may be it as a working person, parent, friend,or else one can imagine well.
Now question arises, How to keep our relevance and remain in mainstream of life as a whole? In short answer may be like,Remain updated with changes and keep pace with time. If not possible, change yourself for different role and priorities as well.
Time, things,expectations will always change and most of the time our mindset does not accept it and in process we are left out or kept out to make path for others. We must always keep willing to learn to the extent possible and this will make us less vulnerable to become irrelevant.
Relevance brings importance and irrelevance shows us the door of exit in every sphere of life, be it carrier, leadership of all kind or even family life.
Symptoms of Irrelevance : 
* People start neglecting you.
* Your advice is not sought for.
* Your orders are not obeyed.
* Your respect is lowered.
* You are invited less than earlier for key meetings etc.
Some important points may be kept in mind while handling irrelevance ....

Precautions to Manage Irrelevance:
1. Keep your health sound.
2. Hone your skill sharply.
3. Be with Time.
4. Adopt changes.
5. Keep your network strong.
6. Develop niche in your area  of working.
7. Build your finance strong enough to secure you completely.
8. Always review your ambitions, dreams after certain intervals of time and in light of your age specially.
9. Change your direction after assuring that you are short of your resources even after applying all the above
10. Last but not least , mind well , just to keep your relevance you should not get that much stressed.I mean
      remain cool and yes of course Be Positive.  
 My Best Wishes ....
Ashok Madrecha

Mar 8, 2014

How to Overcome confusion

This article is written with focus on creating work life balance , making decision making process smooth and thereby improving life overall.

How to Overcome confusion

Striking balance in life essentially requires anyone to stay in focus, come out of doubt and to be more specific, overcoming all confusion which hinders progress. I would like to divide this whole chapter of confusion in four parts:
1) What is confusion - Understand it well
2) What level it is affecting / governing our life
3) Tips to overcome confusion
4) Benefits of overcoming confusion

1) What is confusion - Understand it well : in simple words we can say any indecisiveness is confusion. Yes,true, but I would put it this way , first you can call a situation which is dilemma and other is real confusion. While in dilemma one is not sure of choosing one out of two options available, confusion is far wider subject and one can have different options to overcome it depending upon one's resources, ability and efforts etc. for that.Confusion is a state of mind due to some internal or external reasons and it haunts mind and consumes lot of energy too , of course.

2) What level it is affecting / governing our life: Now let us understand the level of confusion which is governing our life.
There are some interesting people and even corporates.they face confusion and start working on that very systemically, chase this and find solution and sometime business opportunity too. This I would say Level 1 of confusion.
There are some different sort of people who are confusedbut just for time being. they are alert and seek help of others and overcome confusion. this is level 2 of confusion.
There are people who have developed tendency to remain confused unknowingly and their whole behavior, style of living too is constantly affected. They are so much engrossed by such situation that they always live in unknown fear, uncertainty and many of them have gone to level of depression too. this I would say Level 3 of confusion.

3) Tips to Overcome Confusion : 
a) Analise how relevant is this to you.If the confusion itself is not relevant to you why you are confused?
b) Try yourself to find answer first
c) If not possible, seek help of your network which may be from your mentors,parents,friends, relatives.
d) Make use of other sources like internet, search engines, books and other reference materials
    available   to you.
e) Note all your options and ask yourself what can be best and what will be the worst if you take some
    decision to overcome confusion.
f) Count your blessings, take honest efforts and leave the result up to destiny.
g) After applying all the above if you are fearless then mind well, this confidence itself will take you out
    from the confusion.

4) Benefits of Overcoming Confusion : 
Once we overcome confusion positive vibes starts flowing and the benefits too. some of the major benefits are as under:
a) Life begin full of confidence and I repeat , it essentially heals all wounds which were hindering the path of progress.
b) One gets focused and a person of conviction with some aims to achieve.
c) Goals are well defined and they start taking shape in real terms.
d) People start respecting you as you are not called so confused one.
e) Wealth is attracted may be through carrier, job,business or practice you pursue.
f) There are many benefits but in short and at Last I would say it makes you totally different, a most sought person in your circle.

All the best. 

Feb 24, 2014

तलाश (Search)

मन की थाह पाना मुश्किल है पर
यह कोशिश ख़ुशी देती है
कुछ पहेलियाँ ना सुलझे तो भी
नये अनुभव तो देती हे........ ।
झील सी गहरी आँखों में तैरते प्रश्न
और उत्तर खोजने की जिज्ञाषा
शांत वातायन में बहुत बड़े
तूफ़ान का इशारा देती हे.…… ।
मुद्दत से खोजने की आरजू थी
रुबरु होकर आज बतियाने की बारी
क्यों मौन रहने का सन्देश देती हे
एकांत नहीं थी जिंदगी कभी
सुहाने सफ़र में भी , नीरवता में भी
उनिन्दो की नींद उड़ा देती हे.…।
अनूठे फूलो की सुंदरता
टहनी पे स्वाभाविक हे पर
खुशबु की मादकता अब
झूमने की चाहत देती हे
लबो से बोल नहीं निकलते
और आँखों की भाषा चुपचाप
कितना कुछ कह देती है...........।

This poem in Hindi states about state of mind where feeling and expression try to find their place in any relationship but words become unable to do so and the poem goes on......

Feb 20, 2014

खुशी के फूल


प्रसन्नता के प्राप्त होने  इन्तजार
हर कोई , हर पल इतना बेकरार
सिर्फ औरो को दोष देने का सिलसिला
इसीलिए खुशी का फूल न खिला ………।
मुक्त होने का मन पर बांधते रहे हरदम
अवरुद्ध क्यों हुए चलते चलते ये कदम
उठती हुई टीस का कारण भी तो होगा
सच्ची क्षमा से इस पीड़ा का निवारण भी होगा ………।
घनगोर घटाए गिर आयी , फैलने लगा अँधेरा
चमकी हे बिजलियाँ वहीं , हुआ फिर सवेरा
फैलने दो आकाश तक प्रार्थना के प्रकाश को
जी लो जीवन जी भर के , जाने मत दो मधुमास को………।
भ्रम को जगह मत देना , झूठ को सतह मत देना
नीति के धर्मयुद्ध में , अनीति को फतह मत देना
अहसास मनुष्यता का रखकर जीने का मजा कुछ और हे
शकून देकर किसी को अमृत पीने का मजा कुछ और हे ………।
पल प्रतिपल हम भावों का संसार खड़ा कर देते हे
सम्भले न सम्भलता इतना व्यापार बड़ा कर देते है
वक़्त विश्राम लेने की सलाह देता हे सरेआम
हम  व्यस्त हे , बहुत जरुरी हे हमारे काम ………।
खुद से संवाद भी नहीं कर पाते  पूरी जिंदगी
अब निश्चय स्वयं कर लो ये पूरी हे या अधूरी जिंदगी ………।

Feb 2, 2014

How To Be Successful

Intensify your efforts
Be focused
Avoid Unrelated Work
Arrange your Priorities
Put Your Energy in Right Direction
Build Network
Use Resources more efficiently
Develop Leadership Qualities
Spare Time to Introspect
Never Give up
Keep Your Morale High
Value your Instincts
Take Initiative
Innovate to Accomplish your tasks fast
Be Sound and have Niche
Win Hearts
Update Your Knowledge
Hone your Skills
And Most Important, BE POSITIVE..

प्रयास (Efforts)

जब सब कुछ रुका हुआ हो तुम पहल करना निसंकोच, प्रयास करके खुद को सफल करना। ये मोड़ जिंदगी में तुम्हें स्थापित करेंगे और, संभव है कि तुम देव तु...