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Jan 26, 2017

Short Quotes on Life 2

Short Quotes About Life 
by Ashok Madrecha

Responsibility, Updated Skills, Timely proper communication and Integrity are the four pillars on which job safety and progress both are assured.
Separate your thoughts from breathing and see the miracles of meditation.
My perceptions, memories, observations, apprehensions and experiences all these builds my belief but thanks almighty, I am still aware about this.
When we do something for own, we connect with world but if we do something for others, we connect with universe.
Nothing is coincidence, everything happens well planned and decided by destiny but destiny is our own Karma (past actions) and by knowing this we can increase our acceptance level resulting to lower stress in our life. Be happy.
Shortcuts are addiction, they lead us to resort unfair practices and thereafter a miserable life. Choice is yours.
Broaden your vision, probably you will forgive all your enemies, opponents and it will give a chance to peace.
Know the power of feelings, understand to control emotions and most important , where not to react at all. All these will certainly make you a good leader and best achiever.
I wonder, how much I resisted doing new things but most of the time it was a great experience and learning too.
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प्रयास (Efforts)

जब सब कुछ रुका हुआ हो तुम पहल करना निसंकोच, प्रयास करके खुद को सफल करना। ये मोड़ जिंदगी में तुम्हें स्थापित करेंगे और, संभव है कि तुम देव तु...