Oct 29, 2022

11 Common Mistakes in Business

These are 11 Common business Mistakes made by people. What mistakes lead to business failure? Here is a list of common mistakes in business to avoid with examples. Why do entrepreneurs fail and how can they know what corporate mistakes people make? 

1. Over trading and over leveraging: 

Success creates confidence, and confidence makes us feel that I am right, and I will be right in the future too. When there are good days, many businesses forget to create good reserves for rainy days. In fact, they go for expansion without projecting a feasible cash flow. They borrow and borrow again to move further. Interest is a 24x7 charge. What is an ideal mix of capital and borrowed funds is a very important question and each entity has to decide it individually, depending upon their circumstances.

प्रयास (Efforts)

जब सब कुछ रुका हुआ हो तुम पहल करना निसंकोच, प्रयास करके खुद को सफल करना। ये मोड़ जिंदगी में तुम्हें स्थापित करेंगे और, संभव है कि तुम देव तु...