Short Quotes About Life

 Short Quotes About Life 
by Ashok Madrecha

It's not people every time, who obstructs your path, it's guilty consciousness and inferiority complex which haunts your thoughts and which postpones your actions to reach your goal so first overcome such feelings.
Focus on what kind of life you like to live. Sometime you may notice that you are only contributor. The second side of living own life is always ignored. Just ask yourself why ? Nothing delayed, start living your own way. This may be your key to happiness and self-realization both.


If you feel stuck up, strive your best, see what are the options left to you. If there is no option, be rational and accept the situation. Recalculate the timing , may be you are ahead or lagging behind.
If desperate for something than just review its timing If you feel yes, time is right than think is it worth. If both these answers are affirmative, evaluate your resources and then be firm and march forward, life would be easy.


       The moment you assume something is yours, be it a person or object, worry of protecting it will be transferred to you so it is upto you what exactly you should own or not.

If possible exclude discussion on politics and religion and see the success rate of any meeting... We are so much impressed with these two things and try to demonstrate as if we are the ultimate expert on these subjects even though no one is seeking our opinion. For sake of peace we should be alert about it.
Don't make it habit to prove yourself before all and sundry, instead accomplish what really required in a situation.
There is beauty in life but we have to see it from that angle. Let's pray goodness for all.
Change the situation or change yourself. Time can not follow us. We have to judge the time, its changing speed and make suitable changes within ourselves to survive and win the situation
Everything just can't be right or wrong. We have to witness and it happens. So take it easy. It is not compulsory to react on all that happens around us.
If you are struggling, connect your efforts with prayers and follow complete forgiveness. This will really help a lot. 
For dousing fire we first think of water and not of cutting air supply. Similarly we fix up way to live life, and ignore changing the direction of life. If we feel we are in hurry, take pause for better decisions.
One should not be ashamed of beginning small. More we delay, results remains invisible. Just Imagination can not move us. We have to begin.. There is no choice. Evan a small step towards our destination is right way to go forward..  
In search of happiness we just forget purpose of our life and if purpose itself is missing, how can we attain happiness ?
Whenever you are not feeling well without any reason , Spend time with someone special in your life.
Because sometimes you don't need medicines , you just need the best times of life..
Beware of crowd mentality. Following crowd or crowd mentality makes our life direction less. Truth is attained by our own efforts and journey. Dare to experience it in its pure form only.
Sometime try to observe, whether our absence or presence makes people happy.
Confusion, fear and own apprehensions govern our life. Let us understand and know all these well to control further damage ....
Children constantly develop and establish principles of life by observing their parent's behavior. If we are serious about growth of our children we have to set some examples. We simply can't create pressures to change our kid's behavior.
अपनी मंजिल और रास्तों की दूरियां दोनों सफ़र के शरुआत में ही स्पष्ट होने चाहिए। अंधेरो में दिशाविहीन होकर दौड़ना समझदारी नहीं।
Knowing yourself is best principle to understand others too. It's amazing we are most stranger to ourselves throughout the journey of life.
अच्छे भाव कुदरत की शानदार सौगात है। जो भावों की समझ रखता है वो धर्म का मर्म भी जल्दी समझ जाता हे। निर्मल भाव कर्म बंधनो से मुक्त कर देते है और आनंद का मार्ग प्रशस्त हो जाता है। 
Deep within all are alone
There are feelings but expression gone
Search for good friends on
The storm reach beyond eon..

Clarity in thoughts is source of power to move ahead. Clarity about direction too equally important. Reason behind most of failures are lack of clarity.
Silence is very powerful. One hour daily follow up of remaining silent enables us to know ourselves Those
who are truthful too in very nature and following silence regularly are found amazingly rich with good intuition.
It depends how we look at the things.. The more we are positive about ourselves first, more positiveness we receive from and around all sides of us. Any honest attempt with practical approach brings results..  
हमें अपनी रप्तार और मर्यादा दोनों को तय करना ही पड़ेगा। कार्य सिद्धि सिर्फ कल्पनाओं से प्राप्त नहीं होगी। कदम छोटा ही क्यों न हो मंजिल तक पहुँचने का पुरुषार्थ तो करना जरुरी है। भाग्य अपनी जगह है लेकिन उसे जगाने के लिए हम क्या कर रहे है, यह हमें अच्छी तरह से मालूम होना चाहिए.
Truth is never final, it is not static too. Those who seek truth will search it on their own.. 
Our presence or absence, both are immaterial for the world. It is we only who presume that due to us many things move or halt. All just belief .... Reality is different.
Average quality life is said to be around 10 to 15 years after settling down. If this is true, it compels us to think why we make hate to dominate our life....  
Sometime opportunities come from Windows when our main door is closed. Let it come and change your life.. 
If you are constantly uncomfortable in life just check, are you habitual of comparing only ? If yes give a pause to it and feel the difference...
हम समय को नियंत्रित करने की कोशिश करते है जबकि समय नियंत्रित नहीं होता। समय के जो साथ चलते है समय उनके साथ होता है। जो यह दावा करता है कि समय उसकी मुठ्ठी में है तो समझ लो कि वह उस वक़्त सचमुच में तनावग्रस्त है।
Being simple is the first step towards happiness.
यदि हर छोटे से कार्य के लिए भी लोगो की स्वीकृती और मान्यता मिलने का हम इन्तजार करेंगे तो हमारी स्थिति हास्यास्पद बन जायेगी। लोग हमको कमजोर समझेंगे। जिनको जीवन में सचमुच कुछ करना है तो इस प्रकार विसंगतियों से बचना होगा।
भावों को समझना बहुत जरुरी है , अंतर के भाव ही हमारे जीवन की दिशा तय करते है। भावों के संसार में हर वक़्त हलचल होती रहती है पर यह हमें तय करना होगा कि कौनसे भावों से हम प्रभावित होंगे या नहीं होंगे। ये भाव ही हमें ऊपर उठाते है और नीचे भी गिरा देते है। अदना सा इंसान सिर्फ ओरो को दोष देता रहता है। परिष्कृत भावों का आनंद तो अनूठा होता है।
समय पर किया हुआ कार्य ज्यादा सार्थक माना जाता है। समय निकलने पर या समय से पूर्व किया हुआ कार्य फलदायी नहीं होता। सही समय की पहचान सिर्फ विवेक से ही हो सकती है , इसीलिए सफल व्यक्ति अपने विवेक को स्थिर रखते है।


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