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Sep 15, 2020

मन और चेतन का विश्लेषण (Mind and Spirit analysis)

हमे मन और चेतन का अनुभव शरीर के द्वारा होता है। यदि आप थोड़ा सूक्ष्म विश्लेषण करे तो देखेंगे कि हम हर वक्त विचारों, क्रियाओं या प्रतिक्रियाओं के इर्द गिर्द ही घूमते रहते है। और ये सब किसी विश्वास, भय, अपेक्षा, अहंकार या इच्छा विशेष के कारण होता है।

May 29, 2016

Perceiving The Existence of Soul

Our body has some special part and possess forces which are constantly keeping a watch on anything we act or think. In India many call it a third eye. Some people may agree or some may not but it is really interesting that there is a big hard disk or server existing within our soul which is in our body.

The soul is eternal so the server or hard disk too should be working inside it. The server is having far bigger capacity of memory to store huge data and it processes these sets of data when there is a conducive environment. This is a journey of knowing the unknown within us. 

We behave as per our basic nature, perceptions and beliefs but deep within ourselves there is a huge system which works constantly. We call it by different names like Destiny, Karma and so on to the extent we develop understanding about it. I am not talking about religion here rather striving for a constructive thought process about our inner self. Soul-searching and religion both are totally different though their meaning is known to be synonymous in common parlance. Generally religion is evolved by others and then followed, while soul-searching is always an individual approach where in it is not necessary to follow a defined set of rules, eventually it brings different experience too. So mute question comes up, how do we know about this inner system and benefit from it and start a nice journey towards complete self-realization if we really aspire for it.

Some steps we can explore are explained here:

Observation : Observing is an art. how to observe, what to observe and how to remain vigilant while observing, all these questions are very important and one has to find answers on his own by practicing observance individually. Some of the area may be like observing sunrise, inner feelings, behavior of self and others, flowing water, watching stars or moon at midnight, breathing, emotions and so on.
Thought process : It is interesting to note that once we learn observing, our thought process start getting direction. We get closer to more consciousness-centric reality. In straight words, we start having grip on our thought-process.

Meditation : There is enough literature, write-ups available everywhere but just to simplify it I would like to add that meditation can not be pursued, instead it should happen naturally. It does not always require forest or some lonely place, It is within you and let it reveal itself by being what you are in real. Our calmness is our meditation, Our concentration is our meditation and in fact our happiness is true meditation. I am not playing with words, its really true that when you are happy, that state of mind is really a true meditation.

Change : You might have heard that change is sure, inevitable and everything changes and so on. Yes I too agree with these facts but my point is think about "desired or required change". Life is so small so we can not remain aloof and let every change take place as it happens. We as an eternal soul can make changes.When meditation start happening, changes do take place positively. It is not by compulsion, it is spontaneous. Yes each of us will have a different story but meditation helps a lot.

Consistency : All of the above, if not followed or attained on sustained basis it looses consistency and thus its effectiveness eventually. Each time you meditate or observe you will enjoy to know that  different avenues are opening up. You will be able to find your answers on your own and its a great fun too.

Attaining Purity : Purity may have different meaning but here it is referred for state of our soul. When our soul-searching starts it heals, it brings changes, it liberates, it affects our health positively, it increases our intuition, penance and the more we advance, more we are near to purity and transformation. All of sudden you can not talk about purity, it has to be attained by following the other points we discussed above.

Last but not least, if we really follow and feel all these the journey of self-realization starts......
Ashok Madrecha

Oct 6, 2014

Religion or Rituals

Have a look at history, we can notice, one of the most prominent reason for massive violence world over is wrong interpretation of religion while the basic purpose for all religion is peace and liberation. Why so much contradiction ? What can be the reason ? Very simple, most of us follow rituals and not the religion in its true sense. Accomplishing a ritual is far different then following true spirit of a religion. This is the point where we start differing with other religious followers and eventually it leads to hate and sometime big wars too. This situation is like a camera which captures beautiful images but having no feature of viewing these images and still the owner feels proud of it. Going and attending particular prayer or any other ritual may add to our religious profile but simultaneously denying others right and faith will lead to unrest only.

Important part of any achievement are "work and efforts" then why religious rituals comes on front in our life and there we as an human being have to remain very vigilant and see whether it is really religion or mere ritual. Sometime rituals and religions, both these words are used as interchangeable which makes the situation more complex and confusing and it haunts our outer and inner progress considerably. As an individual too , many time one starts mere following ritual and after passage of sometime if the results are not as per expectations, one may doubt the very religion itself which he never understood so far. Moreover rituals too are defined or evolved as per convenience of situation, location, or as per wishes of some individuals who are good orators but not actual religious one, then one has to be very rational in deciding the truth and adopting it in his or her life.....

Jan 4, 2014

Joy Of Presence

Let us understand , how we can enjoy with our real presence . Most of the time we are physically present at some place while we feel at other place. Equally true while talking with some one and thinking of somebody else. Why this dilemma  is created ? Just because we are far from our own presence. This makes our inner system slow and inefficient which leads us to unhappiness,confusion and thus we are deprived of real joy of life despite our resources we put in.

Consider one example : A person had an occasion to spend some holidays at a very pleasant location of a hill station. While reaching there he had a call from his client about some serious lacuna in providing services by his office. There was possibility of loosing this client and good amount of fee as well.

Now any one would react either negatively or

Dec 24, 2013

सत्य के समीप

सत्य के समीप

कही मौन भाषा हे कही पे वक्तत्व .
ख़ुशी खोजने का उप्क्रुम सभी करते निरंतर
ता जिन्दगी उल्जन हे सत्य और असत्य का अंतर .
यही उल्जन आदत सी बन गयी कमोबेश सबकी ,
बचपन बिता तबसे ये परेशानी हे सबकी .
भटकती भीड़ के जुंड में अपना अस्तित्व क्या हे
और गर कोई जान भी गया तो भीड़ का हेतु क्या हे ?
कुछ तो मिलेगा ? ये कब तक चलेगा ?
क्या जींदगी यही हे या कुछ सार भी निकलेगा ?
रोज नए बहाने बनाकर हम सहज महसूस करते हे ,
जानकर अनजान हे , नाजुक हरदय को क्यों मायूस करते हे .
खुद से साक्षात्कार करे बिना हम अधूरे हे हरदम
खुशिया दो खुशिया मिलेगी यही हो अब अगला कदम .

Nov 10, 2013

Greed and Fear both haunt us constantly..

Seriously we are continuously governed by our own greed and fear. Every aspect of our life be it social, economic, spiritual, relationship, job carrier or whatever we can think of  are affected and decided by our own level of greed and fear. Some time we create comfort by calling it destiny or otherwise.If we really analyze about how much energy we are spending with these two things, greed and fear, we would be surprised that almost whole life we spending our time remaining with these two close companions and funny thing is that we are totally loyal to these two elements without knowing how these are playing with or affecting us to what level and thus creating havoc in our life.

World over great achievers knew their limits and they created good balance and converted these two elements to their source of power in performing well in the area they conquered.
Thinking Beyond But In Presence Of Greed and Fear

Common behavior is always affected by greed and fear while uncommon people or great person think beyond but in presence of greed and fear. They already know the effects, results, outcomes be it favorable or unfavorable. "Thinking in presence" and "Thinking  after having effect of greed and fear" both are totally different and it requires serious observation.

Many economies run by central bank's actions which affects interest rates, inflation, liquidity etc. I would say these are other names of greed and fear calculated in monetary terms which we can see in the behavior of stock markets too.

In political fields, leaders try to manage countries by use of these two elements to their advantages. They create and sell dreams. They create fear and show imaginary solutions too. Those who are smart enough , they win the confidence of the voters and enjoy the fruits of thinking in presence of greed and fear.

Social or religious leaders too found using these tools to make their agenda moving ahead. They try to impress their followers with certain belief and thus make them fearful and simultaneously they present themselves as if they are only who are having all the solutions in their hand , sometime they go to the extent claiming superpowers within them ........ all funny .. because of the reason , already indicated earlier ......  "Common people are not thinking independently "  .

What should we learn is that " Life itself is a golden opportunity blessed to us " , why we can not think beyond greed and fear ? If can not, at least we "think in presence of greed and fear".

Jul 21, 2013

Why Prayers are essential ?

Knowing our very inner self requires a journey which can be called in a simple word  " Prayer ".

Prayer connects us to our very being. It brings Peace, Harmony. It heals all our wounds., It makes realise about our very existence. One should always make it an essential part of daily life.

Modern era is run by information technology and computers. While a computer which is connected to Internet is protected with a software called antivirus, an individual should follow prayers in his routine daily life to protect from negative and bad sectors. Prayer not only works like an antivirus it inspires positive thinking.

Methods and formats of the prayers may be different in various religious faiths , elixir of all these faiths are to connect with our very inner self and self realisation . Prayer is the basic journey one should follow to move in right direction....

प्रयास (Efforts)

जब सब कुछ रुका हुआ हो तुम पहल करना निसंकोच, प्रयास करके खुद को सफल करना। ये मोड़ जिंदगी में तुम्हें स्थापित करेंगे और, संभव है कि तुम देव तु...