Jan 4, 2014

Joy Of Presence

Let us understand , how we can enjoy with our real presence . Most of the time we are physically present at some place while we feel at other place. Equally true while talking with some one and thinking of somebody else. Why this dilemma  is created ? Just because we are far from our own presence. This makes our inner system slow and inefficient which leads us to unhappiness,confusion and thus we are deprived of real joy of life despite our resources we put in.

Consider one example : A person had an occasion to spend some holidays at a very pleasant location of a hill station. While reaching there he had a call from his client about some serious lacuna in providing services by his office. There was possibility of loosing this client and good amount of fee as well.

Now any one would react either negatively or
positively. Take first scenario,  That fellow was physically present on the hill station but his peace was disturbed and he was mentally present elsewhere. I would like to elaborate his situation as :

a) Fear of loosing the client.
b) Thinking of bill of the tour.
c) Thinking of nothing new about the nature.  
d) Waiting for an early end of the vacation and attend the office as early as possible.
e) Reacting negatively with family members.
f) Spending much time on Drinking and smoking.
g) Not feeling any good about the hill station.

Take second scenario, The same person if managed well , would call to office , delegate proper authority to handle the situation to proper person and get free to spend his holiday by being present there with positive mood may be described feeling the location as :

a) Very serene hills with eye catching greenery
b) Cool climate
c) Clear blue sky
d) Pleasing Air
e) Nearby river with full of water flowing 
f) Silent and relaxing environment
g) Close interaction and spending quality time with family members
h) Thinking of all goodness in life
i) Feeling every moment and presence by heart, mind and soul.

These two scenario makes it clear how one can be affected and situations can be best or worse as per our own feelings , presence or non presence with our own very being. We have to be rational and choose how we can make our presence and enjoy every moment of life.

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