Mar 16, 2014

Keep Your Relevance

Keep Your Relevance

Mr. Albert is working in a company as an office administrator since last 20 years. he is happy about his salary and perks but since last 5 years  he feels like he is ignored by fellow members of staff and sometime by the management too. What can be the reason ?
Mrs. Kelvin  is mother of two child. She was very happy till both the child grew up to the age of 15. Now she feels that she is lacking somewhere and in the family she is having less weight-age as it was existing earlier. What can be the reason?
Both the above  instances mentioned here may be mere examples but this is hard truth that over aperiod of time we loose relevance in our very role , may be it as a working person, parent, friend,or else one can imagine well.
Now question arises, How to keep our relevance and remain in mainstream of life as a whole? In short answer may be like,Remain updated with changes and keep pace with time. If not possible, change yourself for different role and priorities as well.
Time, things,expectations will always change and most of the time our mindset does not accept it and in process we are left out or kept out to make path for others. We must always keep willing to learn to the extent possible and this will make us less vulnerable to become irrelevant.
Relevance brings importance and irrelevance shows us the door of exit in every sphere of life, be it carrier, leadership of all kind or even family life.
Symptoms of Irrelevance : 
* People start neglecting you.
* Your advice is not sought for.
* Your orders are not obeyed.
* Your respect is lowered.
* You are invited less than earlier for key meetings etc.
Some important points may be kept in mind while handling irrelevance ....

Precautions to Manage Irrelevance:
1. Keep your health sound.
2. Hone your skill sharply.
3. Be with Time.
4. Adopt changes.
5. Keep your network strong.
6. Develop niche in your area  of working.
7. Build your finance strong enough to secure you completely.
8. Always review your ambitions, dreams after certain intervals of time and in light of your age specially.
9. Change your direction after assuring that you are short of your resources even after applying all the above
10. Last but not least , mind well , just to keep your relevance you should not get that much stressed.I mean
      remain cool and yes of course Be Positive.  
 My Best Wishes ....
Ashok Madrecha

Mar 8, 2014

How to Overcome confusion

This article is written with focus on creating work life balance , making decision making process smooth and thereby improving life overall.

How to Overcome confusion

Striking balance in life essentially requires anyone to stay in focus, come out of doubt and to be more specific, overcoming all confusion which hinders progress. I would like to divide this whole chapter of confusion in four parts:
1) What is confusion - Understand it well
2) What level it is affecting / governing our life
3) Tips to overcome confusion
4) Benefits of overcoming confusion

1) What is confusion - Understand it well : in simple words we can say any indecisiveness is confusion. Yes,true, but I would put it this way , first you can call a situation which is dilemma and other is real confusion. While in dilemma one is not sure of choosing one out of two options available, confusion is far wider subject and one can have different options to overcome it depending upon one's resources, ability and efforts etc. for that.Confusion is a state of mind due to some internal or external reasons and it haunts mind and consumes lot of energy too , of course.

2) What level it is affecting / governing our life: Now let us understand the level of confusion which is governing our life.
There are some interesting people and even corporates.they face confusion and start working on that very systemically, chase this and find solution and sometime business opportunity too. This I would say Level 1 of confusion.
There are some different sort of people who are confusedbut just for time being. they are alert and seek help of others and overcome confusion. this is level 2 of confusion.
There are people who have developed tendency to remain confused unknowingly and their whole behavior, style of living too is constantly affected. They are so much engrossed by such situation that they always live in unknown fear, uncertainty and many of them have gone to level of depression too. this I would say Level 3 of confusion.

3) Tips to Overcome Confusion : 
a) Analise how relevant is this to you.If the confusion itself is not relevant to you why you are confused?
b) Try yourself to find answer first
c) If not possible, seek help of your network which may be from your mentors,parents,friends, relatives.
d) Make use of other sources like internet, search engines, books and other reference materials
    available   to you.
e) Note all your options and ask yourself what can be best and what will be the worst if you take some
    decision to overcome confusion.
f) Count your blessings, take honest efforts and leave the result up to destiny.
g) After applying all the above if you are fearless then mind well, this confidence itself will take you out
    from the confusion.

4) Benefits of Overcoming Confusion : 
Once we overcome confusion positive vibes starts flowing and the benefits too. some of the major benefits are as under:
a) Life begin full of confidence and I repeat , it essentially heals all wounds which were hindering the path of progress.
b) One gets focused and a person of conviction with some aims to achieve.
c) Goals are well defined and they start taking shape in real terms.
d) People start respecting you as you are not called so confused one.
e) Wealth is attracted may be through carrier, job,business or practice you pursue.
f) There are many benefits but in short and at Last I would say it makes you totally different, a most sought person in your circle.

All the best. 

Feb 24, 2014

तलाश (Search)

मन की थाह पाना मुश्किल है पर
यह कोशिश ख़ुशी देती है
कुछ पहेलियाँ ना सुलझे तो भी
नये अनुभव तो देती हे........ ।
झील सी गहरी आँखों में तैरते प्रश्न
और उत्तर खोजने की जिज्ञाषा
शांत वातायन में बहुत बड़े
तूफ़ान का इशारा देती हे.…… ।
मुद्दत से खोजने की आरजू थी
रुबरु होकर आज बतियाने की बारी
क्यों मौन रहने का सन्देश देती हे
एकांत नहीं थी जिंदगी कभी
सुहाने सफ़र में भी , नीरवता में भी
उनिन्दो की नींद उड़ा देती हे.…।
अनूठे फूलो की सुंदरता
टहनी पे स्वाभाविक हे पर
खुशबु की मादकता अब
झूमने की चाहत देती हे
लबो से बोल नहीं निकलते
और आँखों की भाषा चुपचाप
कितना कुछ कह देती है...........।

This poem in Hindi states about state of mind where feeling and expression try to find their place in any relationship but words become unable to do so and the poem goes on......

Feb 20, 2014

खुशी के फूल


प्रसन्नता के प्राप्त होने  इन्तजार
हर कोई , हर पल इतना बेकरार
सिर्फ औरो को दोष देने का सिलसिला
इसीलिए खुशी का फूल न खिला ………।
मुक्त होने का मन पर बांधते रहे हरदम
अवरुद्ध क्यों हुए चलते चलते ये कदम
उठती हुई टीस का कारण भी तो होगा
सच्ची क्षमा से इस पीड़ा का निवारण भी होगा ………।
घनगोर घटाए गिर आयी , फैलने लगा अँधेरा
चमकी हे बिजलियाँ वहीं , हुआ फिर सवेरा
फैलने दो आकाश तक प्रार्थना के प्रकाश को
जी लो जीवन जी भर के , जाने मत दो मधुमास को………।
भ्रम को जगह मत देना , झूठ को सतह मत देना
नीति के धर्मयुद्ध में , अनीति को फतह मत देना
अहसास मनुष्यता का रखकर जीने का मजा कुछ और हे
शकून देकर किसी को अमृत पीने का मजा कुछ और हे ………।
पल प्रतिपल हम भावों का संसार खड़ा कर देते हे
सम्भले न सम्भलता इतना व्यापार बड़ा कर देते है
वक़्त विश्राम लेने की सलाह देता हे सरेआम
हम  व्यस्त हे , बहुत जरुरी हे हमारे काम ………।
खुद से संवाद भी नहीं कर पाते  पूरी जिंदगी
अब निश्चय स्वयं कर लो ये पूरी हे या अधूरी जिंदगी ………।

Feb 2, 2014

How To Be Successful

Intensify your efforts
Be focused
Avoid Unrelated Work
Arrange your Priorities
Put Your Energy in Right Direction
Build Network
Use Resources more efficiently
Develop Leadership Qualities
Spare Time to Introspect
Never Give up
Keep Your Morale High
Value your Instincts
Take Initiative
Innovate to Accomplish your tasks fast
Be Sound and have Niche
Win Hearts
Update Your Knowledge
Hone your Skills
And Most Important, BE POSITIVE..

प्रयास (Efforts)

जब सब कुछ रुका हुआ हो तुम पहल करना निसंकोच, प्रयास करके खुद को सफल करना। ये मोड़ जिंदगी में तुम्हें स्थापित करेंगे और, संभव है कि तुम देव तु...