Sep 14, 2015

Nothing is Free

Everything we seek, has a price. You like or dislike, price is constantly tagged. You pay it willingly or unwillingly it is unavoidable. The price could be high or low, it has to be paid in different form,but we have to pay. So how to go about? Acceptance is the only answer. One has to prepare for  it and change his plans so.

Our life is full of constant challenges and we have to be certain about our actions so. Wishing to have something ? Think and ask yourself. Can you afford it ? If yes, is it worth? Such analysis is very useful and always wise to carry out. Many times we wish something to happen but feel, society or government will pay the price and if it doesn't happen we start blaming to whole system and complain all the time and it becomes a habit which eventually leads to constant sufferings. 

Mind well nothing is free. If something free, then be cautious, there would be big price, just wait, time is preparing to teach you another lesson. I personally studied about super returns in corporates and many instances of people too. They all came to normalcy soon. The free and even easy both don't sustain for longer time. 

There would be more and more struggles if you don't pay at all. If you avoid paying the right price and create shortcuts it would make you problem more complex and end up screwing it more and more at your cost only. I don't say seeking or wishing something is wrong, expecting something completely free should be avoided. For instance shedding ego or having ego both makes you pay the price. In both cases one has to adjust or compromise somewhere. Every field, be it career, spiritual, personal improvement, sports or whatever, all ask for price, efforts, money or other resources. In a nutshell we have to be ready for a price and balance it with justifying our capacity to afford and having right worth both. That's what life suggests us so set mind to pay the right price.

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