Sep 18, 2016

Happening Quotient

Recently I was going through the trend of commonly asked questions raised by people in seminars on motivation, I clearly sensed that there is a common tendency of having lack of clarity about how to get things done faster and most of the questions were raised had same essence, though raised in different words and tones by different individuals.
Previous experience says that everything which happens always had its very own "happening quotient". Happening quotient is like feasibility apprehended in advance. In larger term it includes mapping of resources, approach, timing, location and anticipation of probable situations. We come across many people with repeated complaints about many things not happening as per their wishes. In the reply to them, some may talk about destiny and others will talk about blaming something and things goes on. 

Let us understand it more precisely, farmers sow seed and grow crops. It's not as easy as it is mentioned. The combination of timely seed sowing in fertile land with availability of adequate rain or water, sunlight, fertilizer and constant care all resulted in a good crop. What is important here is to understand in simple term that to get success or accomplishing something one has to understand its probability in context with other factors and resources and its availability in a given situation.

Lets take another example, two nations which are hostile to each other since long and things were worsening with time passes. leaders from both sides tried to reconcile the differences, but failed miserably. Suddenly the situation changed. An another neighboring powerful nation started troubling the both nations and sensing this they revived their efforts to bring normalcy and this time they were successful. Why this happened, This happened just because, their priorities changed and this is what exactly happens in life too. I personally call it "The Happening Quotient".

Another aspect of getting things done is the approach. Anything we try to achieve is done in three modes:

Mix of the path above

If we are able to assess the happening quotient, very next thing to decide is the approach. one has to be very open and understanding while deciding about the approach. At one point of time one can be aggressive while the same person has to be modest at another point of time for the same task and by practical experiences we learn and apply this happening quotient. It can be compared with swimming wherein once learned how to swim, one starts swimming, the moment he is in the water of that kind. In short, when you hear somebody advising you about being practical than, rest assured that he is saying to you that don't remain ignorant about happening quotient.         

Understand, evaluate, observe apply and enjoy this happening quotient in your life and add value to yourself by getting things done faster in your favor positively.

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