Nov 1, 2016

Think Beyond Numbers

We are growing up with constantly chasing various kinds of numbers. We think and act while keeping numbers always in mind. I don't deny the importance of numbers, but life is far larger than numbers. Knowingly or unknowingly we are so entangled with the numbers that everything we try and express in numbers. We count likes, shares and views on social media. We tend to feel depressed if people don't like our selfies. Sometimes we can't help, a student's performance is measured in numbers, employee's and even company's ranking is decided with targets in numbers and the list goes on. A mere running after numbers and ignoring true happiness will make you imbalanced.

There is an ocean of data and numbers around us and everybody by default follows some set of data either related or unrelated to him. Many of us follow these as if we are not left with any other option or we have such apprehensions in our minds. Prolonged chasing of numbers certainly creates stress and it has to be managed by differentiating what is meaningful, worthwhile and what's not.

Think beyond numbers, there are many things in life where counting is not important. Few of them are:


and lots more aspects of real life, all these, we can't afford to ignore. This is an info tech age, and we are bound to remain with numbers, but by being cautious we can weed out excessive numbers and make our life happier, balanced and effective too.

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