Jun 17, 2017

Stressed ? Read it..

Commenting on others is easy and for many it's entertaining, but analyzing oneself is far difficult and pointing out this fact in a given situation is again more difficult. Unless we understand ourselves, happiness would be a distance dream always. We are governed by our brain and heart and I feel, both are programmed by our past actions and reactions. While on one side we tend to listen logic, on other side we are more comfortable with emotions. This is irony and simultaneously blessings in disguise too, I would say. Now there is a big question, why stress makes inroads in our life ?

Broadly, we can say there are two major stresses :
1. Temporary or Situational
2. Prolonged or self created

Let's talk about Temporary or situational stress. When some situation develops and it disturbs anyone's comfort, it's a stress for him. There are lots of examples like unemployment, ruined relationship, polluted environment, increased expenses, failed in an examination and so on.

What are prolonged or self adopted stresses? In clear and very plain words I would say, when we develop habits of self fighting, it leads to prolonged or self adopted stresses. In such cases, people are living in their own perceptions and among these perceptions they make hyper permutations and combinations. Many times you might have seen people, though listening, but not able to answer as their whole inner world is busy waging a war with themselves. These types of people often apprehend situations which are not real, most of the time. That's why I name it a self-created stress.

So how we brace up to overcome stress? We have to be realistic and pragmatic while dealing with both these stresses. On certain occasions, situation seems logical and sometime it is an outcome of
sheer emotions. Logical situations are easy to handle while emotional situations are pretty challenging. We must get ready to understand what can be changed in life or what not able to be. What has to be accepted as it is and what not. There are both problems and solutions. One needs to see what is required and what is desired. The crux of the whole discussion is that at any point of time, if we are able to realize that are we fighting with our own or not. Our thought process would get more rational. The moment our thoughts become rational, lots of fears hidden inside of our memory slots gets deleted and we start conquering these stresses.

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