Jul 11, 2017

Accompany Whom You Need To

Life is a continuous management work. Sometimes we have a choice and sometimes not, so we must know what kind of people we should be surrounded. It's very important that to whom we accompany and who are our companions. Generally people of similar wavelength are friends, but sometime situations make people friendly, this may be due to commercial or other compulsions. Those who can differentiate between commercial and natural friendship are smarter than others. An individual and a family as a whole may need different kinds of friends, but one has to strike a balance.

Now, why this talk is going on. Our friends and people who are in regular contacts, affect us tremendously and I would say, constantly. One has to be very vigilant while adding someone in their contacts.

If more positive people are in our touch, we are less exposed to get affected by nervousness and conversely if we are surrounded by people having a negative mind-set, it is bound to affect our mentality too badly.

We must understand it properly that what kind of company we must keep and nurture it too. I have seen many people who don't own even minimum endurance and they are suffering a lot. What I mean to say here is that, a person develops his endurance too learning from people he accompanies. Similarly, we should also learn what kind of people makes us more resourceful. What are the resources, is an individual choice.

Our kind of friends can tell lots of things about us. Companionship is a very respected word, but we rarely review, how deeply it's affecting us. We really need to know, who should accompany us and whom should we.

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