Nov 1, 2020

Orientation Matters in Life

People Crave for Results, but Want Them for Free


People crave for results, fruits, comfort, pleasant situations, power, fame, good health, fashion, glamour, and so many things. Surprisingly, many of them want it all for free, with no sacrifice.


The word "free" is very attractive and probably searched frequently on all search engines. In my 30 years of practice, I have experienced this closely with people of almost all age groups. The situation is so discouraging that if you advise someone to pursue something and take some pain, they feel offended.


What does this mean? It means that some people only want to take, collect, manage to have, and never give apart. They don't want to be bothered, and all this reflects their orientation as a person. In the age of technology, we find people believing more and more in "things will settle automatically" and the outcome will be as per their requirement.


Doing Nothing and Expecting All Good is a Big Theft


Please allow me to be rude to say that thieves are not just the people who steal something. Doing nothing and expecting all good is a big theft too. In fact, it hurts constantly if it has become a habit.


How to Overcome This Orientation or Mentality


Now, the question comes, how to overcome such orientation or mentality? There are two kinds of people:


Those who want change, but just lack motivation or some kind of backing.

Those who are by nature big thieves and always avoid taking efforts.

For the second kind of people, to be very frank, no outside motivation works. They will repeatedly go through a number of lessons in life until they really understand. By the time they understand, time would have gone for them to make a change. I know I am rude here in writing this truth, but it would be unjustified if I don't show the real picture.


For those who want to make a real change, I would like to go on writing.


Count Your Active Life Left, and Be Realistic


Count your active life left, and be realistic. See who are the people whom you never noticed, but helping you without expectations. I know many of you would answer, "I don't have time." But just think, if everyone says the same thing, no one will have time for others, and our tiny world would become more selfish, which is already happening.


It's your call, it's your priority or orientation, which will define your destiny too.


Don't Lose Hope


Don't lose hope. Initially, it will sound very odd because you are not attuned to "work-deserve-results" mode. Gradually, it will be your new normal. And, have my words, you will be proud of yourself with a wonderful feeling of good life with better orientation.


CA Ashok Madrecha

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