Jul 11, 2015

Small experiments for big changes

Small experiments can make big changes in our life. Here is the list of some experiments one should experience and strike right balance in life.

1. Celebrate no complaints day : For our own sake we can fix at least a day in a week which is completely free from complaints. We can increase our acceptance level to adjust all situations on a particular day to make a nice start. Amazing changes happen, just follow and feel.
2. forgive your worst enemy: If you have no enemy than far better but if you have than try forgiving him or her from bottom of your heart. I agree this is not small thing but assume it small and let it happen.This will make you stress free to a great extent.

3. Network is net worth, realize it in time: Right kind of networking at right age make your life tremendous success. We can not do all things on our own. We can not get everything done by paying some money. Human life can not avoid being social.Those who remain aloof must reconsider and open the doors of happiness by establishing and maintaining proper networking. One can start this with contacting at least a friend per day. Make your presence wherever you feel its worth. These small gestures can unleash your potential eventually.

4. Help someone for nothing in return: It is not necessary that we expect something in return all the time. Helping someone for no reason can really make you feel happy. Small favors to someone who is stuck up, may make our life graceful and blessed too.
5. Ask your elders if any support they need from you: elders generally do not ask for help or support unless they feel very comfortable with someone. Take this as an opportunity and lend a helping hand without waiting for their request. It is equally true within family or outside family.

6. Spare few minutes for you alone: Talk at least once to yourself daily. Those who don't talk to themselves remain empty for long and need outside support constantly. Our own soul is full of unlimited power but we have to search it by communication.
7. Plant a tree at least if you can: Ask the quantum of pleasure to a person who planted a tree and saw it grown up. It is very positive thing we can give to our earth.

8. Teach what you can but for free to someone who really need it: There are plenty of people who may need different kind of guidance. If one has skill and experience, he should share it so more and more people will benefit from it

These are some small things we can follow and make our life more balanced.

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