Feb 15, 2017

Mistakes Every One Should Know And Avoid

Life, you can say, is time spent on this earth but the time itself is so precious that one should always know about some common mistakes and avoid these as early as possible to control the unrecoverable damage and repent later. Understanding these mistakes will certainly compel you to think about self-transformation. let us see what are these mistakes.

Not act when sun is shining : When we are younger we must stay vigilant about our health and career both. Parents must think in advance how their children would make them fit and suitable to take on the challenges of life. One can not afford to ignore health and career both.

Run after things which is not worth: 95 % of average people are after so many things or such persons in their life which are not worth to them, at all. They even don't know why the seek them. I have seen such people, if you ask them , they bluntly say what is the need to know, this is the height.

Run when time is out: very very big and common mistake. Anything you start or put your efforts just assure yourself and ask is it right time to do? if confused consult your mentors or experienced people in the field. Having billions of dollars at the age of 85 and at 35 makes a lot of difference. At the age of 85, I feel the money is notional, it may not bring you the joy what you feel at the age of 35. We have to draw a clear line and follow it with utmost clarity.

Always trying to keep others happy: I recommend every one of you to honestly assess yourself if you are not a monk or sannyasi. You will wonder what kind of life we are living. Most probably you would laugh at yourself and that too loudly. I hope you are getting me. Everything you do is for happiness for others most of the time. You work for siblings, society, organization, and so on. In this whole process you simply forget yourself and the true happiness becomes a distinct reality.
Never think about priority: Confusion about what to do at what stage creates lots of uncertainty which leads to indecisiveness. We should know about our realistic priorities and not the one which is just a created priority. Imagine a person putting his entire energy after supporting an election campaign while his parents are not well and he is not attending them. On several occasion we feel sad about our investment of time on wrong priorities. A person is deeply engaged in social matters while his children were lacking guidance about their future. These are some instances.

Ignorant and casual approach in abundance: Everything we do, we have to be focused to achieve. Without concluding tasks we can not move ahead. Our approach has to be definite. People don't take seriously to people having casual approach.

Influenced by matters or persons which are totally irrelevant : If we get influenced quite often by different groups, persons, situations and change our goals frequently, success too gets postponed. Life is full of different events, occasions, situations, groups, people, environments and atmospheres. All the time we cannot allow these to pull back. We should be vigilant about our deeds and performance to achieve what we really aspire for.

The mistakes discussed above makes major impact on most of our life and sometimes we don't even notice this. To achieve proper balance in life, we must avoid these.        


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