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Oct 21, 2016

Journey Towards Innerself

My inner journey is taking me to places which are strange and totally unknown. There are challenges and manifestations. The path is sometimes cozy and difficult at other times.

Massive revelations, new horizons, and stellar black holes are being experienced as I advance and cross billions of galaxies. Everything is amazing and unique. My perceptions and beliefs which were drawn since many births are reshaping and leading to the complete overhaul.

The soul is really eternal and witnessing the body around it. I feel finding new definitions for everything I come across and the true calmness is apparent and sustained for longer periods. Since childhood, I heard many times that the sky is the limit, but now I can envision that sky may be only the beginning, real journey is far bigger, better and divine.

Observing and expressing in words all these simultaneously is a difficult task. The journey took me

Sep 18, 2016

Happening Quotient

Recently I was going through the trend of commonly asked questions raised by people in seminars on motivation, I clearly sensed that there is a common tendency of having lack of clarity about how to get things done faster and most of the questions were raised had same essence, though raised in different words and tones by different individuals.
Previous experience says that everything which happens always had its very own "happening quotient". Happening quotient is like feasibility apprehended in advance. In larger term it includes mapping of resources, approach, timing, location and anticipation of probable situations. We come across many people with repeated complaints about many things not happening as per their wishes. In the reply to them, some may talk about destiny and others will talk about blaming something and things goes on. 

Let us understand it more precisely, farmers sow seed and grow crops. It's not as easy as it is mentioned. The combination of timely seed sowing in fertile land with availability of adequate rain or water, sunlight, fertilizer and constant care all resulted in a good crop. What is important here is to understand in simple term that to get success or accomplishing something one has to understand its probability in context with other factors and resources and its availability in a given situation.

Jul 20, 2016

Start Living Life in Your Own Way

The great gap of our efforts and the yield creates a lot of dissatisfaction. Whenever I asked about life in my conferences, I noticed some common things prevailing such as lack of clarity, and everybody was more concerned about others. The funny part was that those who thought they are more committed to family, relatives, friends etc, they were more unhappy lot. In fact these people were in impression that they are doing a lot for family etc. but in turn they were emotionally bound and became more expecting from others but the Others were in comfortable zone and not thinking of the contribution made by their family members etc. One has to strike right kind of balance between self-development and helping others. 

We have to understand more about efforts, attachment and expectations. Being human, we take part in something, we stick to it without reason sometime, we start expecting returns, we behave like having sole onus of changing others. These are the set rules which govern our life. If we refresh our complete thought process and learn to accept changes and understand situations, joy of life will unleash forever. 

While taking more interest in others' life we completely forget about our own creativity. Everyone of us is unique and own some skill or art which is special but we hardly find enough time to nurture it as we are very busy studying others affairs. Living life in own way is awesome. When we shift our attention from others to ourselves we start knowing self and suddenly direction of life becomes reality. Some tips in nutshell:

6. If really decided, avoid procrastination and enjoy living life in your own way.

Jun 3, 2016

रूठे सनम से फरियाद (Complaining with an annoyed lover)

अरसे से बुला रहा हूँ तो जवाब भी नहीं देते
जरुरत चीज बड़ी, कहते है उड़ कर आ जाओ।

में गाफिल कहाँ था, वक़्त कमजोर था मेरा
जिसने सताया था, वो तो दोस्त था मेरा।

तेरी कतारों में कोई मेरा हमशक्ल रहा होगा
में तो दिल में था तेरे, कमबख्त खामोशियां पाले।

बोलते थे बहुत, कभी ध्यान नहीं गया
अब चुप क्या हुए, कयामत आ गयी।

सलीक़े से मेरी सब खबर रखते हो
अब क्या क़त्ल करने का इरादा है।

रूबरू होकर नजर भी नहीं मिलाते
लोग देखते है, चलो कुछ गुफ्तगू कर ले।

फासले जमीं के नहीँ थे
जहाँ थे तुम, हम भी तो वहीँ थे।

मेरी अक्स पे नजर डाले, गुजर जाते लोग
मील का पत्थर जो ठहरा तेरी राहों का।

पाक रिश्तों की पनाहों में कुछ गलतियां भी हुई होगी
वर्ना मोहब्बतें यूँ आसानी से बदनाम नहीं होती।

रूठे थे दिन में, रातों को मना लेते
इतने पत्थरदिल सनम हम नहीं थे।

अच्छा हुआ कि तन्हाइयों ने साथ निभाया
काश उनको आप सौतन तो मान लेते।

कम हो गया होगा नूर, ज़मीर तो जिन्दा है
चाहो तो बदस्तूर आजमा कर देख लो।

अल्फाझ तो मेरे हलक में अटके थे
लोग कहते रहे, पगला गया ये सख़्श।

गिले शिकवे तो अपने दरम्यां थे अशोक
नादान, नुरे इश्क का कसूर क्या था।

Apr 30, 2016

उम्मीदों का जहां

सन्नाटों में खुद के सायों से बाते करते हो
कहते कि अकेले नही, पर आहें भरते हो।
अरसा हो गया हमसे बात करके
अब ये मत कहना कि रोये नहीं जी भर के।
खुद को सजा देने की आदत तो पुरानी है
इश्क और इम्तहाँ की लंबी जो कहानी है।
कुछ बाँट लेते दर्द, ह्रदय तो हल्का हो जाता
गैर सही हम, अश्कों को अवकाश मिल जाता।
हर जगह सबको क़द्रदान कहाँ मिलते है
समय और संयोग से ही सुंदर फूल खिलते हैे।
पोंछ दो आँसू, उम्मीदों पर संसार चलता है
स्वीकार करो, आशाओं में प्यार पलता है।
कितनी देर हुई ये गिनती भी जरुरी नहीं
खुद को रोकना कोई मजबूरी नहीं।
कौनसे वक्त का इंतजार कर रहे हो
या किसी अनहोनी से डर रहे हो।
विश्वास करो, थाम लो मन की पतवार को
करीब है मंजिल, दस्तक तो दो द्वार को।

Apr 24, 2016

Start with vision

Life paves different ways to live. We constantly act and react, sometimes necessary and sometimes unnecessarily. It all depends on our thought process and the vision we develop over a long period. Vision once set in our mind affects our entire life. Recently somebody asked me, what is the best gift from parents to their children, I simply replied " If you can give them the vision of right kind, it will the best gift for them. 

Vision defines your goal, ambition, destination, lifestyle, relationship, wealth, luck, friends, networking, carrier, health, success, happiness and whatnot. We find people struggling for wealth, good perks, real brothers fighting for a piece of land, Industrialists fighting for corporate takeovers, Political leaders seeking votes with all unfair means, all these speak about their kind of vision they possess. You may notice, apparently looking powerful, they all are in a state of unsecured feeling and their vision is obstructed by their own thought process. A visionary person always believes in creating and adding value. He would not waste time in dividing people. 

You may find there are many people who are wealthy but happiness is with people with vision and positive mindset only. If our present is not as per our expectation who bars us to improve and evolve a broad vision which should attract good luck to us. Believe me, if you practice such kind of thinking with having a feeling of wellness for all, you will constantly attract far better time in your life. Yes, it's your turn now.

Jan 29, 2016

Stay Focused

While accomplishing a task or otherwise, always there is a possibility of losing our focus and indulging in unwarranted activities. We go for buying vegetables and we start discussing politics. Guests visit our home and instead of focusing on hospitality we suddenly start talking about religion which probably we don't follow in our routine. We attend so many meetings and at the end we feel outcome is far less as compared to our expectations. There are many such instances and the list goes on.

Constant self vigilance can be achieved by practice and that is the only way to see our thought process and control it to keep desired things in loop and focus. Many time we assemble to meet with preset agenda and by some influence or otherwise we leave track and see whole agenda itself is hijacked by others.

The simple reason for all this is having an ad hoc approach which makes us ineffective while dealing with different situations. Compare a text message with an other text message having some meaningful picture, I feel the other one would be far more effective. At the end of each day if we start counting that how many times we talked non sense and irrelevant things, we would start laughing at ourselves. It is bitter truth and we must accept it for striking right balance in life.

The severity of our unfocused approach is not immediately known. Ask a person about his feelings who missed choosing a right career at the start or anyone who missed on saving while he had very good earnings and they won't even be able to have proper words to express their repentance.

The moot point we should know is whatever we do, we don't have unlimited time so do the right things at right time with right and judicious use of resources available with us.

Oct 12, 2015

हकीकत (Truth)

हमें रोकने की हर कोशिश कर रहे वो
फूटे गुब्बारों में हवा भर रहे वो।
हर महफ़िल में उनके इंतजाम हो गए
हमारी बदनामी के किस्से आम हो गए।
कुछ मेरे अपने उनके साथ हो लिये
कुछ उनके अपने मेरे साथ हो लिए।
रास्तों में काँटे बिछाना उनका सुकून था
हमें भी मंजिल पाने का बड़ा जूनून था।
हर मुश्किल एक नया पाठ पढ़ाती थी
अनजानी सी प्रेरणा आगे बढाती थी।
उस यात्रा का हर मोड़ और पड़ाव याद है
वो रूकावटो के दौर भी बखूबी याद है।
कोई गिला शिकवा नहीं दौरे मोहब्बत में
सीखा समझा बहुत कुछ उनकी सोहबत में।
कद्र और कदरदान अब कहाँ नजर आते है
दो प्रेमी भी अब तो मिलने की रस्म निभाते है।
___ अशोक मादरेचा

Efforts कोशिश

बेशकीमती वक्त को मत जाया कर हासिल होगी मंजिल बस तू कोशिश तो कर ...। निकल बाहर हर भ्रम से रोज घूमता इधर उधर थोड़ा संभल और चलने की बस तू कोशिश...