Dec 11, 2015

Programme the Brain

We are on or off is a question. While alive we can say we are on and on expiry we are off. There are other situations, while slipping or in unconscious state, can we say we are on or off. Till we are alive we are engaged so we are on and till the death there is constant programming and our brain too writes complex codes of our life software. One has to understand this programming. Take one example, a person travel overnight by bus and while taking breakfast in morning at his home he feels as if he is traveling and moving in a bus. Many of us had such experience. The point here is that to understand what is the reason behind such experience. The reason is that our brain stores data and if there is repeated situations it creates memory slots which gradually becomes in built programmes which if not checked forms habit and then the mind works in sync with such memory slots.

 The moot point here is that there are two type of brain programmes one which are known to us and the others which are not felt or known completely even when these run in our mind and command body. For instance while digesting food and while breathing, our attention is not sought by body in general.

Now let us think about why it is important to know about brain programming for achieving balancing in life. When we know that repeated instructions or situations leads our brain to react in that direction then it becomes very important how to stay positive and avoid negative thoughts and people both. If you are in company of extreme negative people than very high chance you too start behaving negatively and the reverse too is true. A vigilant person can train his own brain what kind of programming it should seek or not at all. Actually speaking reading about all this programming by the brain would be always little than the practical experience. If remain awakened about our actions and surrounding situations we can write our own program of blessed life and create divine realm around us truly.

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