Mar 19, 2018

Know a Prison around or within us

Many times, a question arises from the bottom of my heart, what kind of life I am living and what I ought to be, this scenario is repeated whenever I am alone. Probably it is a sign of a living soul.

When I look back, I find most of the time I was exposed to the environment wherein my thoughts, my deeds were influenced by survival and security for myself and my family and I would say I was prevented to think beyond. I was forced to make perceptions which suited to the so-called society and when I accepted it I was tagged as a gentleman. Whenever I raised some questions about the validity of any system, I was rewarded with sheer aloofness.

This is probably not my situation, anybody with some original thoughts faces it. A prison within us is created and constantly maintained by compulsions, and such compulsions are recognized by us knowing or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly. We strive for comforts and make suitable adjustments. The Funniest part of this is that, most of the time we too help expanding this prison, probably to have more companions and eventually society finds better and more respectable prison to accommodate more prisoners. What a great thing happening around us! Wow!

These recognized prisons play very important role in influencing our judgment power. It's like if a prisoner doesn't behave as per prison's rules then he will be punished. Effectively all this process leads to create an environment full of fear.

All new inventions, thoughts, challenges these established prisons and their validity. To avail protection, they are always ready to bring in more influential prisoners to their fold like a political party admitting criminals to run their show behind the curtains.

How to overcome:

Though multiple prisons exist around us, we can avoid being caught in their clutches by remaining more vigilant.

Limit your Greed

If somebody is after money, fame or something else and that too by applying shortcuts then he is most vulnerable person and I would say "best prisoner". When thoughts are already guided by something or someone else possibilities of increasing prisoners would rise.

Know well about your fears:

many times, one is rich with resources, but his fear makes his life miserable. Know more about your fears. Study the facts and realities of situations. Most of the time situation does not warrant such fear to exist. If you are fearful, you will surrender and land in a prison.

Sustained efforts:

Whatever be the situation, sustained and focused efforts bring results. Destiny is our deeds and even if you think it cannot be changed, I would add, it can be modified.
Seek blissfulness:

Don't seek things instead think of complete blissfulness. Believe me, if you dream big, you achieve big. Never feel guilty about your surroundings. You achieve and reach what you really mean.

Let's be more vigilant about our surroundings and avoid being prisoners of so called prestigious prison waiting around us.

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