Jan 23, 2014

होड़ की दौड़ ( Running and Competition )

होड़ की दौड़  ( Running and Competition ) 
कुछ करने की चाहत
अति आवेश से आहत
भाग रहा मनुज दिशा विहीन सा
संतुलन खो बैठा पर
श्रेष्ट कहलाना जो पसंद हे
व्यथित अंदर से बहुत हे अकेला।
कल के सुख की तलाश में
आज को पूरा भुला दिया
वक़्त को पकड़ने चला पर बेबस सा
साधने लगा निजी हित
और ढूंढने लगा मंजिल वहाँ
बहुत रप्तार से चला किन्तु
क्या साधना ये उलझन
सुलज नहीं पाई
सोचा गहराई में जाकर तो
आँखे ही भर आई
सामने जिंदगी की किताब के
बहुत कम पन्ने बाकी थे
पढने को .. काश
कोई तो समझाता मनुज को
इस होड़ की दौड़ में ……………।

Jan 14, 2014

प्रकृती की सुंदरता का अहसास

प्रकृती के बिखरे ख़जाने को निहारते रहे
निरन्तर , बस बरबस से……
हरी चादर सि ओढ़ा दी , दूर तक वादियो में
सुदूर तक बर्फ की सफेदी और भोर की धूप
उमड़ते सैलानी , घाटी कि ओर पुरे मन से ....
निखरती छटाएँ , उमड़ती घटाएँ
नीले अम्बर से धरा तक फैले सौंदर्य के
अदभुत से नज़ारे , सचमुच द्रश्य नयनाभिराम
हर अवयक्त को उन्मुक्त करके व्यक्त करता
वातायन का सुन्दर सा विधान

Jan 10, 2014

Questions for Self Evolution

Self Evolution

1 What are your ambitions in your life?
2 Do you feel you are adequately skilled for the job or work you are pursuing?
3 If no what are the plans to make yourself more competent?
4 what makes a person called responsible
5 Analise your personality and list your weakness and abilities here.
6 How you for see your future and compare this with your present?
7 List one or two instances where you feel your roll was unique
8 Which thing make you most scared about your carrier or life
9 What Makes people successful?
10 What makes you feel proud about yourself?
11 Who inspires you always?
12 What you would like to do in your free time
13 Do you feel you are more dynamic then earlier or less now?
14 What makes you most happy?
15 Do you always plan your work schedule in advance?
16 If given an authority what changes would you like to make in the office?

Jan 4, 2014

Joy Of Presence

Let us understand , how we can enjoy with our real presence . Most of the time we are physically present at some place while we feel at other place. Equally true while talking with some one and thinking of somebody else. Why this dilemma  is created ? Just because we are far from our own presence. This makes our inner system slow and inefficient which leads us to unhappiness,confusion and thus we are deprived of real joy of life despite our resources we put in.

Consider one example : A person had an occasion to spend some holidays at a very pleasant location of a hill station. While reaching there he had a call from his client about some serious lacuna in providing services by his office. There was possibility of loosing this client and good amount of fee as well.

Now any one would react either negatively or

Dec 24, 2013

सत्य के समीप

सत्य के समीप

कही मौन भाषा हे कही पे वक्तत्व .
ख़ुशी खोजने का उप्क्रुम सभी करते निरंतर
ता जिन्दगी उल्जन हे सत्य और असत्य का अंतर .
यही उल्जन आदत सी बन गयी कमोबेश सबकी ,
बचपन बिता तबसे ये परेशानी हे सबकी .
भटकती भीड़ के जुंड में अपना अस्तित्व क्या हे
और गर कोई जान भी गया तो भीड़ का हेतु क्या हे ?
कुछ तो मिलेगा ? ये कब तक चलेगा ?
क्या जींदगी यही हे या कुछ सार भी निकलेगा ?
रोज नए बहाने बनाकर हम सहज महसूस करते हे ,
जानकर अनजान हे , नाजुक हरदय को क्यों मायूस करते हे .
खुद से साक्षात्कार करे बिना हम अधूरे हे हरदम
खुशिया दो खुशिया मिलेगी यही हो अब अगला कदम .

Nov 10, 2013

Greed and Fear both haunt us constantly..

Seriously we are continuously governed by our own greed and fear. Every aspect of our life be it social, economic, spiritual, relationship, job carrier or whatever we can think of  are affected and decided by our own level of greed and fear. Some time we create comfort by calling it destiny or otherwise.If we really analyze about how much energy we are spending with these two things, greed and fear, we would be surprised that almost whole life we spending our time remaining with these two close companions and funny thing is that we are totally loyal to these two elements without knowing how these are playing with or affecting us to what level and thus creating havoc in our life.

World over great achievers knew their limits and they created good balance and converted these two elements to their source of power in performing well in the area they conquered.
Thinking Beyond But In Presence Of Greed and Fear

Common behavior is always affected by greed and fear while uncommon people or great person think beyond but in presence of greed and fear. They already know the effects, results, outcomes be it favorable or unfavorable. "Thinking in presence" and "Thinking  after having effect of greed and fear" both are totally different and it requires serious observation.

Many economies run by central bank's actions which affects interest rates, inflation, liquidity etc. I would say these are other names of greed and fear calculated in monetary terms which we can see in the behavior of stock markets too.

In political fields, leaders try to manage countries by use of these two elements to their advantages. They create and sell dreams. They create fear and show imaginary solutions too. Those who are smart enough , they win the confidence of the voters and enjoy the fruits of thinking in presence of greed and fear.

Social or religious leaders too found using these tools to make their agenda moving ahead. They try to impress their followers with certain belief and thus make them fearful and simultaneously they present themselves as if they are only who are having all the solutions in their hand , sometime they go to the extent claiming superpowers within them ........ all funny .. because of the reason , already indicated earlier ......  "Common people are not thinking independently "  .

What should we learn is that " Life itself is a golden opportunity blessed to us " , why we can not think beyond greed and fear ? If can not, at least we "think in presence of greed and fear".

Sep 15, 2013

प्यार की यादे ( Remembering Love )

सुदूर वादियों में एक पीपल के पेड़ के नीचे
 यहाँ कोई नहीं आगे ओर पिछे
 फैला हुआ आकाश और हरे भरे बघिचे
 पलके बिछाये इंतजार हे आपका ।
 सन्देश भेजा बादलो के संग तो
 कभी हवाओ के संग
 लहराता योवन मचलता अंग अंग
 बज रहा कही मृदंग
 कोई नहीं मुज पर अधिकार हे आपका।
 सामने की पगडंडी पे टकटकी लगाये
 कब तेरे कदमो की आहट आए
 आपको नहीं मालूम हम क्या लेकर आये
 सबसे धनी बना दिया मुझे
 बेइंतहा प्यार जो हे आपका।
 बहते जरने का कलरव
 एक दिन ठिठुरती सर्दी मे
 कांपते देख मुझे आपने
 बरबस ही अपने आगोश में ले लिया था
 वो हसीं पल जब दिल दिया था
 याद हे वो नम आँखों से इकरार आपका।

प्रयास (Efforts)

जब सब कुछ रुका हुआ हो तुम पहल करना निसंकोच, प्रयास करके खुद को सफल करना। ये मोड़ जिंदगी में तुम्हें स्थापित करेंगे और, संभव है कि तुम देव तु...